meri maa, pyari maa; mama!


today,am writing all this stuff for mommy. i just tried to write something better  this time.

i cannot even imagine to bear up all that pain which actually a mother does..i still remember those golden days of my entire life; when i was a toddler and you helped me to take those tiny little steps. you taught me how to walk and eat and dress up and much more.. but how in return did i behave?? i’m sorry for all the sorrow i gave to you,am sorry for all the pains i caused to you, i’m sorry for every single thing i did wrong.i may make many mistakes but cannot hide the shame.
you always say that am crazy like a rooster & i walk like a penguin & i look like an alien when i dance! 
oh mommy, i can never express my feelings and love for you, i have no word for this. this is unconditional love, silent love for you indeed. you’ve been the voice for others, but in the struggle you’ve forgotten yourself, too busy to halt and look yourself. your words of guidance have always been true. you always supported me no matter what the matter be and provided me with warmth in chilling cold.  your arms were the first place where i felt so safe and protected. you always tried to fulfill my wishes and i promise that i’ll also try to reach your expectations.  all i want to do is that live those small seconds of joy and cherish the tiny moments of delight with you. seeing you happy is one of the greatest joy for me..
i may not be a perfect daughter but you are a perfect mama.
love you to the moon and back.

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  1. Words sounded so universal. (Y)


    1. emanasif25 says:

      thanks, your love and suport means alot! 🙂


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