finding happiness-

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basically, i just want to live a simple life without any stress or worry. i don’t need a lot of stuff i just want to be happy. the most important fact for a happy life is to believe in yourself. according to my point; if you believe in yourself everything else will fall into place!  at times,i cry, i get angry, i shout, i fight, i ignore and i even create dramas sometimes but i talk, i love, i smile and i giggle. and we are the one’s who get sad, who regret, who apologize,who sacrifice, who forgive, who cry, who come back. so just get a lesson learned and move on. life is actually thrilling..

this is so ironic everybody has two faces (two different sides) . nobody is the same from inside each of them is an enemy by heart and pretends like he’s very much sincere to you. we live in a strange world where the poor walk miles to get food and rich walk miles to digest food! most of the time,the people who seem loyal to you are actually not loyal to you, they are actually loyal to the need of you. once their need changes, so does their loyalty.

as it was once said “they conquer,who believe,they can”…so, keep up your attitude as if you don’t see anybody. we might often make mistakes but we must have confidence within to pick ourself and start again. love yourself first and everything falls into line.never stress about yesterday cause its gone & enjoy today. be proud of who you are. Allah is always near, and you never know. make dua, stay positive and happiness will hug 🙂


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