the most horrible days of the year.


ah! these examinations are always hanging on my nerves. i believe that you can never ever get rid of exams during your student life. there are examinations and examinations and examinations all through. the monthlies and half-yearly exams,the december tests,annual exams and then comes your  horrible board or cambridge examinatons.student’s social life comes to an end, they are supposed to stay miles away from their phones,facebook and all that stuff, they can’t go for hangouts, they lose interest in every other thing,they can’t even relax and sleep basically, they are always torturing the students. and this true story of every Pakistani student xd.

most importantly, the students who prepare well and study hard get less marks than the ones who start studying just a week or maybe a night before the exam. this is actually because at times,their luck works better or they’re perfect at cramming while some approach the examiners or invigelators and get undue benefit as the examiners  also encourage unfair means. as a result deserving students simply suffer which is total, whats the fault of the students who become restless, who work over night and feel discomfort, who at least try their level best to prepare for the exam.please take steps against this issue to overcome this amazing system. i believe that an exam is taken only to determine the ability of student. no matter, knowledge and hard work is the key to success and education is almost everything but this system of examinations should surely get abolished cause no ways,when the results are declared the ones who took exams seriously and honestly suffer the most. although examination wont be abolished untill and unless there comes a new method to check the ability and intelligence of an individual.

there’s a famous saying:

don’t stress,

do your best,

forget the rest.

my condition while taking the exam is like my heart stays in the middle mediastinum within pericardium bounded anteriorly by sternopericardial ligament n posteriorly by oesophagus in descending aorta…didn’t get a word han? haha..frankly speaking,i’m not in a mood to study that much at the moment but i need to and obviously i am working hard. as my exams are on my head and shoulders, they’re starting in about a week or two.i get montonous, my mind gets saturated and i often get exam fever so wish me luck. never lose hope, stay positive, think good and study hard so that you can also party hard!



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