the story of my day!


well, where should i start from, i dont understand this xd.okay so; early in the morning when i woke up i felt like there’s somehting that my family is hiding from siblings were coming and going and coming to home after every now and then while whispering and murmering to eachother carrying things and dishes along,going up on the roof and then coming down again and again. unluckily i had my first exam on the birthday. so all of my folks decided to celebrate it earlier. therefore they were actually preparing for my pre-birthday blast and were busy enough. everybody ignored me.  and daddy told that your sisters are busy upstairs taking out cloths for winter season and you have fever so you are not supposed to go up. in the mean while, the bell rang daddy called me out saying that there’s a lady whose calling me. i went there to check out and found that it was one of my neighbour’s aunt screaming like ‘umm beta, cake humary fridge ma ha take it yourself whenever you want to’ i went like KIAAA? and she started making ugly faces and pretended like i donnno what. in the evening one of my sister threw  cloths on me and ordered me to wear them and she said that get ready we’re going out.

when i asked ke what is this  going on, what are you guys preparing for? she replied cousins are coming over to our place for dinner tonight. while i was waiting for them after getting ready the door knocked and few of my relatives entered. i greeted them and one of them wished me a happy birthday, i replied its not my birthday today than another one tapped on his shoulder saying that stupid it was a surprise. both went quitely and i kept on stareing them.

each of them ran upstairs leaving me all alone saying that i’m not allowed there. now obviously i had an idea about what’s actually going on. mama took me i opened the door everything was all set people were singing the birthday song & i have no words to explain that moment. i screamed AAWWWWWWWWWW so loud cause i had nothing else to say. everything was pink purple, in the middle there was a set for bon-fire..we had live bar-b-q and dinner and a  lot more… this so called surprise made me feel so special and loved. you guys made my day. special thanks to my sisyy and aba for making my day so beautiful just because of this pre-birthday bash and then the midnight surprise. ❤DSC_0276.JPG

#lovelypeople #lovelyday.



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