life lessons.

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be positive*stay chic*

well, this world offers so many bounties Allah showers his countless blessings upon us but we being humans are unappreciative, faultfinding, unthankful and dissatisified no matter what the reason be and obviously same is the case at my end. although i feel so pleased & at times, i consider myself a lucky person! all i learned from this thing that looks like sugar but is fake in reality called life is that don’t get hopeless too soon because life has too long to go and dont agree to someone when they’re wrong, dont believe on somehting that you’ve not seen by cant always get that you want maybe because Allah has planed something better for you. just do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return this is the only way through which you can never get disapointed. or else change the things you can, if it don’t work then let it go. as Allah sees it all and he surely does the most powerful justice.

i feel like sometimes its better not to react upon certain things and just let them,i must tell you this secret that falling down is a part of life and getting back up is living but you can always take your points and proove them right  just sense that what’s wrong and  what’s right..the world is a total fraud, remember no one’s loyal to you.never let negative people even rent a small space in your head c’mon just kick them out. you must have a firm believe in Allah as He can turn the whole world upside down and trigger all the pains and unsettling feelings which are pinching you.try to  learn from the experience and grow into a wiser and stronger person. all you have to do is that rememebr Allah tests those whom he loves and don’t even plan to take any sort of revenge just leave all the matter on Allah and yes, it is prooven that if not now then soon karma does exist.  this is beautifully said; “life is a mirror when you smile in front of it, it will also smile and so will it when you cry to it.”


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