stuff i LOVE.


I think I’m more at a loss for words on this one. i consider myself a very lucky person. Allah has showered countless blessings upon me that i cannot even imagine.  if i start talking about things and stuff i love than there will surely be a debate on this topic.

so, keeping it very simple and comprehensive i love my family. home is not home without your family. my family make each of my picture so lively, they support me at almost every case, they love me soo soo much and so do i…tumblr_inline_nncit81JS51s1h59x_540

secondly, i love chocolates! infact i guess that nobody hates chocolates out there. eating chocolates is my favorite job. i can’t resist eating them. for me, it is necessary to take a bite of chocolate before going to bed…thats the addiction actually xd2681880E00000578-2987697-From_pod_to_plate_Cocoa_features_in_all_the_recipes_in_new_cookb-a-60_1426072524148

i’m in love with pets. here i must mention cats only cats, but not the lusy one’s, the cute one’s :p i have a pet,we call her Anna. she’s the queen of the our house basically. i simply love the way she says MEOWW andi love the way she calls me.. and thats the cutest creature may be.collage

i’m deeply in love with my bed…me, my bed and wifi; woah! such a cute comforts me everytimetime. and i wont  get outta bed if i could ever do that. our story is a better lovestory than twlight i guess.baby_bed_2_-_small

another great thing i  love doing is nothing and being lazy all the day long. yes this sounds so weird but that’s basically what i love. i love gossips. though thats typical  but anyways yes i love gossiping a lot. 6760271

i love vacations. i want a six month vacation twice a year. from this dialogue of mine you can surely guess my love for holidays. so, i’m sharing a picture here which was probably the best vacation i ever had. this was maybe a year or two years back.


umm i also love long drives. esp when its raining, i’m always up for such things basically. going on for long drives makes me so glad and its refreshing though. you can enjoy in a perfect way this way.

images (1)

shopping is seriously love. i bet you wont find a girl who does not like shopping. anyway mostly, i go for window shopping. i feel like its not necessary to buy each time you go out for shopping.  whenever i go for shopping only thing i do is  roffle and eat and roam around. this is the actual part that you enjoy while shopping. and i love hangging out all around.images (2)

i love surprises. just like the one i got on my birthday last year and it seriously made my day. yes, i was expecting a surprise on the big day ofcourse but only a cake or something, lekin this was love. a totally unexpected & beautiful evening with my peeps!


one more thing; i love pendants. i always keep on buying them every now and then. i do have a great collection. just love wearing elegant one’s or sometimes i like wearing long-chained, funcky pendants. but the lovelist of all is my crown pendant. a small, elegant necklace that fits onto my neckbones and looks so beautiful. i mostly wear this one casually. 12319500_10153835028471458_1863322026_n.jpg

last but not the least, i love Allah. he’s the one and only one.our creater, forgiver, listener and the one who gives us everything that we need.


now, there is a lot more to say. but this is enough i guess, above mentioned was actually the summary of stuff i love. hope you liked the blog, stay tuned for the stuff coming up next Inshallah.


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