my life in 398 words!

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about 16 years ago on november25, my parents were blessed with another babygirl and they named her Eman. so that’s actually how i came into being. i was born and raised in Quetta as my father was posted there those days. i still remember those golden days of my life when he used to bring a toy each sunday. i cannot forget those everyday bed-time story secssions. futher, i studied in Convent and then APS. later on, on october31,2009 due to some security threats we permanently moved to islamabad . and then life totally got changed. new place, new people. here i got admitted to American Lycetuff junior and upper school and then i switched to ICG since a year or two. 

i underwent several hardships and also on the other hand i lived many moments of joy in this world that seems like sugar but is extremely bitter called life.  i made many friends.. some of them left me and also i left a few of them at times,  i cried and i smiled. but to me,believeing in yourself is the most important thing.being the youngest one at home was the most amazing part because “chota piece” is always the “ladla” one at home.

i went on a few adventures since the past couple of years.i did paragliding twice and  experience of overcoming that fear was beyond awesome. since my early childhood, i had a keen interest in mimikery and obviously am pretty good at it. two times in my life i managed to performed on stage as an actor of a particular play at Pakistan National Council Of The Arts. once in my life i achived a silver medal for securing second position in a race. and about two months ago, i participated  in an english language contest. among 1500 students from Pakistan i was on the top 10, for this i was being blessed with an award Alhamdulilah. now, officailly being declared as a blogger is a great feeling too.

here, i must conclude saying that Allah Almighty has offered countless bounties upon all of us and we must be thankful for this. i believe that all of us should live each day as if we’re gonna die the very next day. so just enjoy each second. eat, sleep and be merry..there’s a lot more to say but this much of the material seems fine i guess! *stay chic*


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