happy birthday to the man of my life.


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dear daddy, its your big day today and i want to tell you that how much i love you but unfortunately i’m at a loss for words on this one.you are the one who held my hand and taught me to take those tiny steps..you used to bring a toy each sunday. i still remember when you used to make me sit on your tummy while you had to read the newspappers..later on,as i grew up you started bringing a story book each sunday. i seriously miss those bedtime story secssions now. thanks for always telling me to put on a sweater. thanks for always providing me with warmth in the chilling cold. you always helped me in my studies.daily you used to walk beside me while i used to ride my bicycle.whenever i feel down you are the one who looks after me with great care. everyday we used to play ludo and catch catch with the ping pong ball..uh i still remember those golden days of my life, yes i still remember those.. at times, i get angry on little things and stuff so, i tend to do several things that might hurt you from inside..but seriously my love for you is unconditional.you always say YES when mama says NO to me, no matter what the reason be. thanks for always supporting me and being on my side.but how in return did i behave? oh daddy, i’m sorry for all the pains and sorrows i caused to you.. i know i’m not a perfect daughter.Β i’m here at this stage just because of your and mama’s endless efforts..may Allah bless you with loads and loads of health, wealth & joy! Needless to say, i love you and im forever grateful to have you as a father. i swear, one day i’ll make you feel proud of who i am..i love you for every single thing you did for me.

I’m jus’ little
But I love you


PS: i just tried to make you feel special and make you realise of how much i love you. hope you like my effort.






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