The Secret!

life is beautiful, it has fun, adventures and thrills. infact it has different phases and patterns.. each one is totally different actually. if you do not find fun in life then there is boredom, stress and regrets only. so basically life is colourful. it has countless bounties. its up to you that how you live. it depends on which way you choose. you yourself make your life exciting and beautiful. so here is a secret to lead a happy life that you all should surely know:

accept the reality: each of us know that life has many up’s and down’s. so just accept the reality, bad and good times come and go, this is a part of life indeed. just forget the bad and enjoy every second.

stay happy: no matter what, just try to be a happy person. smile is a beautiful curve that sets everything right, also it makes you look beautiful. remember you get what you give! always keep smiling.

move on: people come and go, nobody is there for you when you need them the most but life never stops when a person walks out of your life.there are certain people who live in your heart more then they stay in your life.. oh c’mon just kick out such people from your mind & move on. just look back to the beautiful times of your entire life and hope for the best.

celebrate: relish every second of life. do whatever makes you happy. people come and go but memories last forever, so just celebrate the happy moments to the fullest. tresure them. hold them tight. enjoy them.

be yourself: never change yourself for others. dont even try to be someone else. you are actually perfect in your own way. remember you are unique, so just be yourself. there comes a time in life when you feel you’re totally useless. so NO! everything in this universe has its own particular purpose and yes,dont forget you exale carbon dioxide for plants so you are not useless at all.

live each second: you know, you miss 60 seconds of happiness when you’re even angry for a mintue only. so just live life in a joyful manner. as the one who is living for sake of living is like the one without any emotions and feelings, he’s simply a dead soul, he’s taking breaths for the sake of living only. so just dont be that person.

 organization:  organizing yourself and your life is way too important. it has a profound effect on your living. all successful people organized their lives in such a different way.

time management: time management is the demand of  a happy life. managing your time is a great task though. but give equal time to your life affairs, friends, work, studies. and  yes, spare some time for your family as well.

stay loyal: stay honest to yourself only then you can turn out to be a loyal person for others. loyalty has become very rare in the present world actually. almost everyone is a fraud..

enjoy the nature: nature has basically offered you so soo many things that you cant even think of. stop spending time on social media and enjoy the natural beauty. believe me, its beautiful.the landscapes, mountains, welvetty texture of flowers, cool stream water and a lot more indeed. we are so busy; struggling in this life that we do not even notice certain things near us.

be thankful: you should always thank Allah Almighty for every single peny. He is beyond awesome. our creater, our forgiver, our listener and the one who blesses us, stay close to Allah as He is responsible for all the goodies in your life.

forgive others: we being humans are not perfect. we make mistakes infact we learn from our mistakes. so just forgive people. you should always have a soft corner for others. forgive people then Allah will surely forgive you too.

i hope you like this one. wish you all a good luck, stay tuned for more stuff coming soon *stay chic*



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