my big SISTAARRRR :p


being the eldest child, Of course you were the apple of your parent’s eyes too! umm i dont know much about your childhood and babyhood as i arrived much later after your birth. although,you were bright, protective (over-protective actually), helpful, responsible and very loving. .The arrival of Elliyah when you were just one year old was another big event in our family. our parents did everything to avoid sibling rivalry.Much later, when you were nine, i arrived, you loved being my elder sister too,  you  just took me under your wing, mothering me at every oppertunity.

mama always tells me that you used to change my dirty nappy at times, and you thaught me the alphabets and counting. and you are the one who always used to leave school and stay with me  whenever i got sick. moreover,when I’m struggling to find the name of my ‘favorite’ song or singer, it is you who says the name first!  You know me so well, You stood strong beside me whenever I felt weak or upset. but please dont get rude to me. at times you scold me so hard so please dont do that now onwards.You’ve been  a great elder sister though.

and Yes, and you are bossy. i mean really really bossy xd. (i can see your creepy smile right now) you always want me to abide by your orders and nothing else. you grew up as the strong eldest sister, making sure the pets too were aware of your authority. my pet, my baby Anna is scared of you.sometimes, you want me to clean up your mess; even though i am never in a mood to clean it up but i do cause i know that i’d surely need you for some piece of  work soon! 12722057_10207265708300058_2059476058_n.jpg

you are known for your sketches. you make them with enchanting detail. there is no doubt that i am lovin them too, i try to copy those sketches but seriously i cant. i donno why but i cannot make such beautiful sketches. carry on & good luck for the time ahead.

during your Fsc (grade12) we got shifted from quetta to islamabad. it was a big event too. but still you managed to get good grades. you got into Quaid-e-azam university and did your business adminstration. you switched a few of your jobs and you found that unbelievable too. getting into ptcl was not that easy but you did that. MAshallah.

I’ve watched you grow into a beautiful, intelligent, caring, loving and responsible young lady. I’ve felt pride and joy by just looking at your dear face.may you live long and may Allah keep you in good health. stay strong, stay happy, stay blessed.

I could go on and on. But you and my lovely readers would be collapsing by now. So, I’ll end now, hope your day is as amazing as i am :p  LOVEEEE YOUUUU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PARTY HARD ❤






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