what? short hair?

was planning to get a haircut since the past couple of months or so but then i used to be like  wether short hair would suit on my face or not..even though i made a seperate folder of hairstyles on my laptop, used to sort out the best one’s each night..  my father loves long hair but i wanted a change.and i thought that i shall do whatever i want to do and stop thinking too much & go for it. so here is the reveal! 😀


okay so this is how my hair look when i straight them up!



choti si messy side braid!


this is how they look when blowdryed.

guys, i am just loving my short hair. infact short hair like wedge and lobs are in fashion these days. if you want to get short hair then hurry up. what are you waiting for?

get the money,grab the car and have a new look. as simple as that! *stay chic*




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  1. You look cute af. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. emanasif25 says:

      thanks a bunch @ayeshaloveblogs

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