art is fun

this is actually what i do when i have too much of spare time and no one to spend with. i believe that painting is a silent poetry that too speaks. okay so this is an abstract sort of a painting. scroll down and stay tuned to see what disaster i really made!


in the above photograph, you can see the basic tools used for making this up.

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so here are the close up’s of stuff and tools which i have used for bringing this up. i’ve used arrylics for the main painting, spong for blending and mixing along with a few brushes of different sizes for the final touches.

here, i’ve used matt-golden acrylic in order to paint the sides of the canvas. its usually prefered to cover the corners (sides/edges) of the painting to make it look more esctatic. moreover, it gives your painting a neat look. the sides also appear attractive while the frame is being hanged on the wall or where ever.

after my painting got dried, i used blanko (whitner) for making up these zig-zag lines over it. its better to draw those free hand but if you are more concious than you can even use scale and measure distance for each row and then start drawing.

this is how it looked.


so this is the final look! do you think it was a disaster? nah. its a good piece tho. i completed this one in an hour or so &spent that evening in a lively way.


hereee it isssss! my painting got hangged in one of the corners of my room 🙂 so i believe that everyone should be doing something creative. you should try a  new thing  each day. now it could be anthing like preparing a dish (cooking something new), going for an adventure and what not. *stay chic*


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