the rotating resturant.

it was one of my cousin’s birthday last week. we decided to celebrate that one in KHIVA ROTATING RESTURANT. it got opened recently in Bahria Town phase 4 islamabad.  you must be wondering that a resturant that rotates; waoh! but how? so yes, basically the floor keeps on moving in circular paths in a very slow motion that it completes one round in like 45 minutes or so. the main reason why we chose to hook up there was obviously this rotating kind of fact.


this is how it actually is. floor doesnt seems to be moving but one can only feel the motion while in there. we were suprised to see the resturant almost empty though.


damm checkout the view man! its not really clear in the picture but it was so esctatic and perfect. the place was festive & atmosphere was relaxing and pretty good.

they served this as an appetizer, cake was there for the cake cutting ceremony. food was normal your mainstream. we had karahai and platter (Desi food). B612_20160529_224558.jpg

this is their outdoor sitting arangement. um you can only see those lights twinkling at the back but view was too good which is really not clearly visible here in this photograph.


now comes the grand photo (family picture) along with the overall view of table and the time went on, people started to show up and place looked less empty.


in the end, this mandatory photo. yay! on our way back home, it started to drizzle hard and we even dont know that where did our car’s wheel cap go. shit! we’ve lost that one.

*stay chic* much love for you all ❤



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