a delight for you.

i was in a vacant mood, wasent even fasting the other day. was surfing on the the internet and suddenly got poped up with this idea. i thought to feed myself with some yummy yummy stuff, and so here is what i did!

things you will need:-

  • eggs (2)
  • cocoa powder (4 tsp)
  • water
  • sugar (10 tsp)
  • vanila essence (few drops)
  • butter (4 tsp)
  • marie biscuits (3 half rolls)

getting started:-

okay so first of all, turn the stove on and pour some water in a pan and put it over the heat till it becomes steam hot. on the contrary, crack two egs. with the help of a fork, beat the eggs in a bowl. put 10 tsp of sugar and 4 tsp of butter in the bowl. (you can even use blue band’s margarine butter)

beat butter and sugar in the eggs. and then add 4 tsp of cocoa powder into that mixture and mix well.


after mixing  well, you’ll get a paste sort of thingyy in that bowl. pour this paste in the sauce pan containing steam hot water and stir till it seems to appear like a custard. and yes use wooden spoon for stirring.

when the texture seems to appear like a custard, take it off from the heat. till this mixture/paste cools down, cut/break marie biscuits into pieces.

as soon as the mixture cools down, put these bits and pieces of biscuits and few drops of vanila essence in the mixture and mix a little bit.


now take a dish or a bowl and spread plactice sheet or plastic shopping bag over it. then pour this mixture into that bowl or dish or whatever.

now give it a shape of your own choice, that may be a roll or a circle and what not. put this bowl/dish along with the plastic sheet in freezer till it is completely freezed.

13479413_1114708868603098_1338064746_n (1)

take it out as it freezes, cut into different shapes and sizes and serve this chocolate delight to your loved ones!  oh your cold cake is right there, waiting for you out there. hurry up eat it up & feed yourself with some yummy food and keep smiling while you still have your teeth.

see you guys soon. *stay chic* xoxo


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