out of the box solution!

umm starting from the very first day, right at 9 o’clock when we were all settled in the class room and one of our committee chairs stepped in saying hello delegates along with a creepy smile. we banked our desks in his honour. i grabbed a seat in the very front row just opposite to the three of our chairs. our chair introduced what really a MUN is. okay im gonna explain this thing to you guys too cause many of you may not know. so basically MUN or model united nations is a three days event. we are assigned with different countries/personalities and are alloted into committees. then there is a topic given to us on which we are supposed to debate all three days. there are a number of formal,informal and entertainment secssions and we raise motions  and also we have three types of yeilds then we form blocs and make working papers, on the last day we sumbit a resolution paper which is basically a solution to that particular problem.

while i took part in APPS’16 (all pakistan parlimentarians sumbit) which was organized by Roots millinium university. i was nervious enough on the first day as it was my very first experience and i did not know anything at all. but it went pretty well. we had two topics and i voted for topic area A; which was the kashmir conflict to be discussed. and the chair suddenly asked why are u supporting this topic and not the other one? i stood up and uttered because this is the most HOT TOPIC of these days and so this conflict really needs to be solved now. (this is what actually  popped up in my mind at that moment) the chair got extremely infuriated on me saying what do you mean by hot topic, you are in a formal debates secssion and are you supposed to use slang?? i remained quite and apologised for that one. um this is really silly han? it exactly means that he did my baisti early in the morning on the very first day! xd. in the meanwhile other delegates introduced them selves and the chair got so impressed when i told that i am a blogger and i own a site, everybody clapped though.

so above and down there is the whole thing in detail now here is a short video that looks a bit haphazard, wobbly and blurry but to me it strings together beautiful memories of some good times that we cherish and enjoy later for years to come. give it a look please. (i was unable to post the video here just search me up on facebook to see the video) sorry for inconvience guys.  PS: you really dont afford to miss the video because thats the real thing so hurry up.facebook name: Eman Asif

we had a number of formal and informal sessions all the long then we had a rave night on the following day. i got back home late at night, did some research and slept. on the second day i was very much ready and though we had kinda cool debates then a crisis session came. now crisis secssion is actually a surprise sesion and it is one of my favorite sessions. the following night we were supposed to have a concert but unfortunately qandeel baloch died so no concert at all. got home earlier that day and prepared myself for the next morning. last day finally came and we were ecstatic. our committee presented two resolution papers and my bloc’s resolution was passed other one got rejected. wohoo! then we had a formal dinner and closing ceremony and also recived the certificates and awards.

so this was the whole story,that is what we actually did all three days. i find MUNs so informative. they even help build confidence, leadership and public speaking skills. after this i participated in another MUN or basically a diplomatic conference held in BMI last week. which is called BMIDC. oh yes hard work pays off. at the end my chairs appreciated me and they also mentioned that i went outstanding as a first timer! but to be honest guys, bmidc was way better then apps. oops! (i hope anybody from apps is not reading this) xd.

*stay chic* will see you guys soon. XOXO


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