rise to legacy.

Starting from the day one of three days mega event, early in the morning the desks were open for registrations. The registrations of participants stated at 9 ‘o’clock, unexpectedly heavy downpour which lashed the twin cities in undated thorough fares making vehicular traffic on the roads a bit difficult. After everybody got theirselves registered,we had a break and some time for prepration of global village. The delegations pranged their stall representing a particular country. then ramp walk was planned. But due to bad weather conditions the attendance was rather thin then expected but people started coming a bit late and soon the campus was bustling with happy faces full of energy. Amna from the security team and a guy from the host team whriled and hopped and pranced & rocked the floor for a short while to amuse the crowd.

Oh wait lemme tell you girls and boyses; NCMUN or National Capital Model United Nations; suchha massive debating event that took place from 25th till 27th of August at TMUC (roots millenium college & university/islamabad) was one of the biggest MUN’s in town!

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This whopping event put forth the following committees:-

  • UNSC (United Nation Security Council)
  • CTC ( Counter Terrirism Committee)
  • DISEC (Disarmament & International Security Committee)
  • PNA (Pakitsna National Assembly)
  • ICC (International Cricket Council)
  • GOT (Game Of Thrones)
  • Satan’s Cabinet
  • UNDP (United Nations Develo[ment Programme)
  • FIFA
  • NCC

Undeniably, PNA was one of the husky committees. They had some prodigious debates on “China Pakistan Ecnomic Corridor”. The candidates were representing distinct personalities. The dummy Sheikh Rasheed mentioned that they have been given the best topic to debate on and there’s no other topic better than this. One of the candidates  proposed that CPEC can secure our border with India and chair of that committee named Haris bashed him so hard saying that how could you claim this without having any source. After some heated debate on this, the candidate was unable to defend his stance. While on the contrary Raheel Sahrif had a variant aspect he thinks that we cannot talk about the completion of this project till terrorism is wholly eradicated from Pakistan.

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Satan’s Cabinet had a mammoth crisis session. Two of my favoutie chairs Hiba and Hashim created an immense situation for the crisis. They updated that Sadam Hussain is the head of ISIS and has stood up against both the families. both families have now joined the forces and all superheros are under the leadership of batman while their stance is certain. This committee had characters such as ironman, batman & halk merely. Ironman did dexterous arguments with other characters. And so this committee formed two blocs.

DISEC took disarmament to another level while UNSC is as always the most dynamic committee and ICC had heated debates. I attended one of the entertainment sessions of PNA,they made Talha; the chair of CTC to dance. Haris, the chair of PNA himself sang two of his compositions pretty well. lalalaal la la lalaaa.

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Paticipants from the counter terrorism committee (CTC) debated on the benifits of using (UAV’s) Unmanned Ariel Vehicals commonly known as drones in modern welfare. They can be used in a multitude of ways not only for dropping bombs and lethal weapons but are being used in agriculture, safe inspection of critical infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines, road and rail network, floods and other natural hazards like landslides, fast and environmtntally-friendly consumer delivery, assistance to first responders & ariel photography.

From entertainment sessions to rave night & formal dinner to ramp walk & global village to debating sessions and what not. alas, this mega event came to an aluring end.

see you guys soon, till then *stay chic*

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