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one fine night, while it was gusty & the birds were twittering and a few rays of  moonlinght  were gushing into the room’s window, there was a girl who was meditating about uncertinity of life. She believed that oh we being humans are so chaste that we don’t even get the knowledge if we will wake up the next morning or not. Undenibely, life is so unfaire. Poor are getting into more worst conditions while on the contrary rich and wealthy are getting moneyed by leaps and bounds.

It too happens that the one’s who are spending days and nights to get good grades, a bright future or to make a profitable career as per their parents dream. At the end when you get admitted to any university; you will assuredly observe that an average student will surely be sitting next to the one who used to get the highest marks in college/school. Nonetheless a good student  might get unemployed while an average student becomes a business man in future. why are we working hard, busy in struggling and not spending much time with our loved ones & not enjoying the colours of life. WHY?


We being so self-centered that we do not bother anyone or anything else except our own needs and comfort. Nobody is gonna take this medical degree either an engineering certificate or this wealth to the next destination. And only a good heart will matter, purity will matter, good deeds will matter, love for The Devine will matter. The thing is that we are tied up with the daily life affairs that we slightly emphasis on the world here after. We often neglect our religion and we even know that we are overlooking our religion but still we are busy here and not prepraing ourselves well for the world here after, for the life which will never end. WHY IS THAT SO?

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Oh you little man, yes you! wake up and enjoy the colours & phases of life and start adapting positive habits. Because what goes around comes around. You will get everything which is written for you. Allah knows better than you and He is the best planner among all.

P.S: (Dear readers,  hope you realised the point a bit which that little girl was trying to                     elaborate. till the next time xoxo *stay chic* )

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  1. Hasan Naeem Malik says:

    I love your enthusiasm to writing and life, makes for an interesting read and a good feeling.🙂


    1. emanasif25 says:

      thanks for your kind words! 🙂


  2. ashabtariq1 says:

    That is one wonderful piece of writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ashabtariq1 says:

    Wonderful piece of writing..


  4. ashabtariq1 says:

    Wonderful piece of writing


    1. emanasif25 says:

      thankyou lovely reader for appreciation. * be blessed*


  5. TheOddOne says:

    Well the lesson goes half…or in some cases fully wrong! Life was not given to waste in useless stuff you exaggeratedly called colors. Well I am not against you or against pleasures of life but we do have to work more side by side. Considering you are an immature person, I suggest rereading the concept you gave in your article.


    1. emanasif25 says:

      Hi there reader, thanks a bunch for your tip-off. 🙂 I am pretty clear about the concept i gave in my blog, yes obviously each of us gotta enjoy life and manage daily chores side by side. Anyways, everybody’s mind set is totally unique but my idea and objective is clear enough, you gotta give it a second read i suggest. *stay chic* HAPPY READING!


      1. TheOddOne says:

        Well I am not against your own opinion but when you wrote something like you don’t need to work hard , you will get what’s in fate. That’s totally a wrong concept and I can elaborate if you want! & by the way keep writing and stay happy!


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