The Holiday!

At 12:30 p.m, two hours after we set out from Islamabad , we arrived at PTCL motel in Natia gali. It was very prettily designed. Our room was large and clean, it had four beds. However the lighting was poor that it rather looked gloomy during the day. The view was beautiful enough in the morning light. After arranging all the laugage in our rooms we headed towards the main bazar and had an excellent luch at taj hotel. We’ve had Asia’s best roast and the natives call it ‘Patakha chicken’.

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Next morning, everybody was excited to curise. I saw happy faces full of energy that day. We kept on sleeping till 9  while my father and uncle went to offer Eid namaz.  Then we all woke up one by one, got zipped, had breakfast and did pipelinewalk um basically a photowalk it was. In the evening we set out for a long drive in those curvy roads with tall trees on the either sides.  And reached Murree. It was damm cold that my nose turned as red as a tomato and hands were freezing like hell. We had chinese food for dinner at Lintotts. The clouds bursted and it drizzled so hard that it lashed the entire city and it was the moment of super chaos, we had no shelter at the time. And it was much difficult to drive all the way back. The visibility was zero percent but with the grace of the Divine we managed to get back to our hotel.

14th of September; our third and final day at Natia gali. We all woke up, got ready, had a photoshoot session & started off with our usual hiking and reached Lalazar. It was a place with beautiful meadows and snow leopards. On the way back we did horse riding. Went to Ayubia where me and one of my cousin also took chairlift. Plus we went to Khanaspur. Suchha fascinating place it was, It had appealing and charming views all around. And in the afternoon after lunch and stuff we headed back to our pavilian. Also, we used to have gossip sessions and laughter rounds till the late hours each day. It was though one of the best roadtrips.

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