the brighter side.

Here are a few points that i summed up whcih i learned form life as it unfolds. Thought to share it with you guys too  because this tiny list will surely aid you for real.


  • Be who you are:  This is probably the most significantthing that most of us now a days have forgotten! Why the hell are we busy to mold ourselves and our lifestyle the way people want us to be. Number one point that you have to keep in mind all the time is that no two souls are the same, you are unique don’t copy others be who you are.
  • Explore yourself:  Remember, every single object in this beautiful world has a purpose. And each of you have some ability which is a special one and is hidden. So explore yourself, work on your abilities. Look for your abilities which are built-in and polish them in the best possible way. Use them, you can even make money using your talent.
  • Love hard:  let it be your siblings, parents, friends or who so ever. Tell them that you love them, appreciate their presence and give respect to them. Love for the good reasons. Keep a good relationship with your religion.
  • Stay positive: There is too much of negativity around that it might affect your career or love life. and yes being positive is pretty easy but staying positive is the real game. Just learn to spread positive vibes.
  • Be kind: Do atleast one act of kindness each day. Trust me you’ll feel superb. Kindness is the language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear.  Be very very kind to every human fellow because what goes around comes around.
  • Forgive: Never ever keep grudges in heart. Dont waste your time to take revenge from stupid people just forgive them, try leaving the entire matter on the Divine and  He will deal with total just for sure.
  • Eat healthy: Yes, most importantly; take loads and loads of care of yourself. Your life is very precious. Take good care of yourself because no compromise on the health issues please.
  •  Keep a balance:  keep a balance between daily life affairs and stuff. Take out time to relax, spare some time for your family, spend some time with your friends as well.
  • Clean up around yourself: I am pretty sure some of you out there hate cleaning up but listen keep your stuff organized because at the end it is always worth it. And a clean home is a happier home, if your room is tidy, you’ll feel relaxed.screenshot-14



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