Once upon a time there were two great sisters. They had sterling bonding with one and other. The elder one was so calm,tolerant and generous. Earlier she was surfing on the internet and went though a really good design for a formal dress but the younger one got that stitched for her own self. Her baby sister was esctatic to wear that wonderful piece but then what happend; she texted this to the big sister:

hey, no matter i like that dress very much but i’ve decided to give it to you.This is totally my own decision also when you like something and give it to somebody then thats a really good deed. Although you are not SOMEBODY you are my very own the loveliest of all favorite sissy. Take it now i wont wear it seriously. You wanted this dress but gave it to me with all your heart. Now my inner voice is not letting me to wear it.I love you. You’ll look damm beautiful in it. ❤

 she replied: Hahahahahahahaha
                         I like the article btw 😛

younger sister: Please. im serious.

reply: Love u baby ☺

Earlier she chose a wrist watch for her self but the younger one wanted to get that piece. Elder one thought to gift that to her baby sister on her birthday and kept this a secret. On the birthday, younger one got dam cheerful after getting the watch  as a birthday present. Then she sent this message:

hey, i so wanted to write you a thankyou note for the fascinating present. You loved that watch but because of my choice gifted it to me. I love you!


Holaa girls & boyses, that was indeed my own story. Because sissy is getting married pretty soon Inshallah thus i’m having some sort of mixed feelings.  I’m glad cause i’ll be all alone in the entire house and i’ll get more pleasing gifts xd. On the contrary im feeling blue and sorrowful on the grounds that my parthner in crime is going and i’ll be having nobody to do such nonsense discussions and activities with.


Be patient and have a soft corner for others. Life is uncertain, keep a forgiving heart.


Hope my lovely readers liked the blog,  see you guys soon! *stay chic*





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