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Hey folks! You all better know about whats happening around now-a-days.Today’s reality has already prooven that not even a single person out there is completely sincere for you. Everybody is mean, people are there for you till they need you in their lives and when their needs change automatically their priorities also change, ultimately after using you they  simply kick you out of their business. Except your parents nobody is concerned to you, nobody is honest to you every single soul is self-centered in today’s world. Parents surely know whats right and whats wrong for you, thus they better know how to handle your life chores.

Oh listen girls, by the age of 21 or 25 you will get married to the one whose written for you. So whats the point of searching for him from now while you are just 15 or maybe 17 years old. Remember, before taking any such step your heart skips a beat, it warns you before time; therefore listen to your heart & try your level best to avoid such stuff.


Dammit boys today are using innocent girls like tissue paper.  You also have some kinda self-respect and it is your duty to take pretty good care of it because yes, obviously you are supposed to do that! But unluckily this sense is not common in most of us especially teens these days. Do not search for shortcuts because what’s written for you is ultimately your’s nobody can snatch that from you. Nonetheless if that is not written for you than it can’t be yours no matter how much you struggle for it or run behind it. Hey dude, keep a pure heart.




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