about eman

14111706_1354032797960243_2053685799_nIt’s my pleasure to introduce my self..well, I’m Eman Asif born and raised in Quetta and then Islamabad.i’ve done my schooling from an army public school and later got admitted in american lycetuff school while, a couple of years back i switched from american lycetuff to ICG.

Throughout the years I’ve enjoyed debating  and writing articles. i mostly write blogs about bits and pieces of stuff i love and lessons I learn from life as it unfolds. i am passionate about exploring new places, painting & pets. I am inspired by faith, nature, creativity, colour, purity. i believe in simple living and high thinking. this blog is my inner voice.what i see, what i feel, what i like…

My strengths are my attitude that I like to take challenges that I CAN do it, my way of thinking that I take both success and failure in a balanced manner. I believe in my self and my hard work and I want perfection in every thing.I have a beautiful family of five members.  *stay chic*

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