the experience of overcoming a fear!

heaven's fun <3
heaven’s fun ❤

how it started:  my sister was planning to go for paragliding with her mates. three days before that day i kept on forcing her to take me along and i got the same answer everytime that no ways, you’re this, you’re that, you can’t go blah blah. just a few hours before, in the midnight she ordered me to get up earlier in the morning and get ready. i was like no, but why? and she answered you will be going with us just to take photographs because all of us will be busy with that so may be you can do the photography for us. i was like okay, fine. the very next morning i was so much excited, i woke up, got ready, did all the preparations. and the journey finally got started. 

what happened then?: it was damm hot. we were continuously traveling in the scorching rays of a tropical sun. we were already late and reached the destiny in mid-noon. all of us were completely tired and were laying down on the grass. in the meanwhile, i saw a man; a giant actually. his face was similar to Mr.Bean’s! and his voice was scary enough. and got to know that he’s  the coach actually. all of us; we,the coach and pilots climbed up a mountain cause each paraglider was supposed to climb it up till the top, wear the parachute and jump down! terrifying han? everyone got nervous and which is obvios though.

at my end: even though i didn’t have any sort of a plan to fly but i also climbed up till the top and it  took us about 15/20 minutes to hike. i was roaming here and here looking everywhere while everyone else was busy with their exercise’s and all that stuff. . and yes, my sister had two flights. she was the first person to fly and in the middle of her first flight the direction of wind was totally opposite and she couldn’t  manage to fly therefore she just fell down. turnwise when everybody was done. they flew down one by one only i was the only one who was standing there with the coach. i was like,i am here, i climbed all that up myself and now i need to get down the same way,so no i ain’t carzy,never. the coach offered me to take a flight too. but i wasen’t mentally prepared for that. so to me, it seemd scary enough. then i called up my sister in order to take permission for it and she said okay hurry up wear the costume and just fly its nothing like that don’t be scared my girl. alas,I recited ayat-al-kursi and said  Oh Allah please help me, i dont want to die so soon. now i must call this a life risk. i was feeling down and my heart beat got faster i got nervous and somehow along with the pilot i did it; yaay! 😀  was screaming like hell. but believe me it was beyond awesome. my flight was of a few seconds only but enjoyed alot. this was a lifetime experience the end, i must say ‘go paragliding before you die.’


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  1. Ashab says:

    Truly amazing

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    1. emanasif25 says:

      thankyou dear reader for appreciation!


  2. muhammadaizaz8033 says:

    Truly amazing


    1. emanasif25 says:

      thankyou dear reader! 🙂


  3. muhammadaizaz8033 says:

    Truly amazing Awesome


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