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Sweet treat

Hey folks, hope you all are doing great. My weekend was super relaxing, Sorry for being so inactive as I as super busy with some college stuff. Anyway, I made chocolate tart and they were luciously delightful so I thought to share the recepie with you all lovelies!

Things you will be needing:-

1 inch deep tart pan & saucepan


For the dough:

  • 250gm flour
  • casted sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • butter


For the filling:

  • cream 1/2 pack
  • milk 1/4th of a cup
  • casted sugar
  • butter
  • chopped chocolate


How to make:-

  • Take a bowl and mix flour, casted sugar and 2 beaten eggs.


  • Blend with hands untill a mixture is formed.
  • squeeze and roll it to form a dough, when a dough is formed wrap it up in a plastic sheet and keep in a refrigerator for about 15mins.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

  • Untill then heat the oven.
  • For the filling; take a saucepan, put cream, milk, butter, casted sugar, choppped cocolate & mix well. Heat it until a fluid-like chocolate forms.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

  • Take out the dough from refrigerator, press dough in a pan evenly from edges as well so it fits tightly. Using a fork make holes on either sides of the dough in order to prevent bubbles or cracks.


  • Bake this for about 30 mins until the tart turns golden in colour.
  • Now put the chocolate filling into tart and refrigerate.
  • When the tart completely cools down, cut it into pieces and serve.
delicious chocolate tart

This is super easy and tastes amazing like anything, believe me!

So try out the recepie and let me know.  Until next time *stay chic*

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A point to ponder


Last night when it was late rather I wasen’t even sleepy, I was wondering that it’s pretty commonly accepted that the world is an unfair place.  The flickering of news channels and news papers can almost always be counted on to be a bearer of bad news of how much humanity is in chaos. Thus, I thought to express my feelings into words. The harsh reality is that we live in a spiteful, ruthless world where more often darkness can be found not only in the surroundings, but can be felt within ourselves.


Let’s talk about rain, consider it as a blessing and compare the leaves drinking rain water with the wealthy people of our society. What basically happens is that the fat cat and money lender people snatch and snippet all the belssings of Allah and utilize them to the most. And whatever which is in-appropriate or fruitless to them is spilled away  to the poor people as charity. Another noteable thing here is that they give away the things to vagrant or povery-stricken people as a charity but not as their basic right. Correspondingly the upper leaves of a plant or tree drink rain water to quench their thrirst first and raindrops which are useless for them are trickled to the leaves beneath. I suggest this as a perfect example of what’s happening around the globe today! The rich are getting moneyed by leaps and bounds and on the contrary poor are getting into more worse conditions day by day. Why is the world so evil and cruel?

There’s a saying out there: The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. 

But we should never be hopeless or tragic because there’s even more beyond that awaiting in the not-too-distant future. So never let the bitterness steal your sweetness!


Happy sunday guys, see you next time untill then *stay chic* #happyreading

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July favourites

Photo 30-08-2015 6 17 05 pm.jpg

Eid Mubarak buddies! I hope you all are doing great. As promised second blog from this series is right here. Today I’m sharing some bits and pieces of stuff that I loved during the month of july. The year is passing by really fast can’t believe its september already. Now Lets start with my July favourites;

  • The smoky grey kurta:
  • IMG_20170901_173425


I got this piece from khaadi & the most attractive thing about this kurta were the sleeves that caught my eyes at first. I actually love baggy and flow-y clothes. A pop of colour had to be added to this elegant shirt so I decided to pair it with pink pants.

  • Sunglasses:





I got these super chic, funky and trendy glasses from outfitters. And I tend to wear them almost everywhere. hehe

  • Fur slippers:



I got these swank and super comfortable red fur slippers from haroon’s. Despite being home/washroom slippers I love to wear them casually at most of the places currently.

So guys, thats all from my July favourites. See you next time untill then *stay chic*

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Tour de Dubai

There are holidays and then there are Dubai holidays. Thinking about a visit to Dubai to beat the heat? Excited yeah? Is the idea of witnessing the amazing architecture of Dubai enthralling you? Just pack your bags and visit:- for the best of Dubai tour packages. Some of the tourist attractions worth a visit during Dubai holiday tour are highlighted here.


Desert Safari:

Dubai won’t be Dubai without an evening spent at the desert safari. The true essence of the  Dubai Desert Safari is its beautiful landscape. It is specially for those who want to relish the minute things in life. So the wait is over, book your tour now:


Mariana Dinner Cruise:

If you would like to get the true taste of Dubai, go for Mariana dinner cruise. While you cruise, see the sights and sounds of old Dubai and enjoy live entertainment. Also dig in to a delicious buffet dinner, ride on a traditional dhow & enjoy magnificent views of the Dubai Creek. Since Dubai Tour Packages offer very reasonable packages, so do visit:


Ferrari World:

An evening at ferrari world is yet another mesmerizing experience. Ferrari world is a huge amusement park with the world’s fastest roller coaster. It also offers a number of attractions including thrill rides, family rides, roller coasters and shows like film featuring. To book your tour please visit:



Ski Dubai; an indoor resort is a must visit place which includes the world’s first indoor black diamond run, an icy body slide, climbing towers and an ice cave. It also houses a number of penguins! Ski dubai is located in one of the world’s largest malls i.e Mall of the Emirates. Click on the following link for further details;


Helicopter Tour:

Experience Dubai from the air and witness world class landmarks such as Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, coastline, lush green beaches. Fly over other areas of Dubai for bird’s-eye views of more of the city’s attractions. Before this mega opportunity runs out, book your tour now


Hot Air Balloon:

It is the perfect thing to do while in Dubai to experience the desert from above. Hot Air Balloon is very safe. It is about 30 to 45 minutes drive from the main city. Your ultimate desert experience will be made more memorable in the hands with Dubai Tour Packages dedicated team of experts.


Yas Waterworld:

Become an adrenaline and speed junkie, come cool off with one of the best waterparks in the world — Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy 43 thrilling rides, slides and aquatic attractions. It is the only Emirati-themed waterpark in the world! So pack your swim suits and just click on the link below to book your holiday tour:


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May favourites!


Hey folks! I’m back with something new this time. I’ve decided that I’ll publish a blog every month in which I’m gonna write bits and pieces about my favourites from that particular month. Today, lets talk about a few of my favourite stuff during the month of May;

This glittery pair of shoes! It looks super chic. I got them from outfitters a couple of months ago and I wear them everywhere I go plus it feels super comfy. Check out outfitters latest collection they’ve got some awesome stock.


Second favourite object form that month was this bracelet. Mama got me this. Amazing fact about it is that it’s made of gold along with a bunch of real pearls hanging on it.



So that’s it. See you again, Eid mubarak in advance. Untill next time *stay chic*

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Keep calm and cook on

Hello hello, hope you are doing great. I’m fabolous as always, enjoying vacations to the fullest. Last night, I made ‘prawns’, they were just amazing thus I thought to share the recepie with you guys too, So here you go; hook up & scroll down to read full recepie

Things you will be needing:-

  • prawns (500gm)
  • lemons (2)
  • onions (2)
  • tomatoes (4)
  • cumin
  • red chilli powder
  • red chillies crushed
  • garlic paste
  • coriander leaves (few)
  • salt
  • oil  (1 cup)

    all you need

How to cook:-

  • Finely cut onions and tomatoes also cut lemons into two halves.


  • Heat the oil and fry onions for 2 mintues.18685728_1511976388876342_1762565091_n.jpg
  • Pour some water and fry onions and tomatoes till the water dries.


  • Then add crushed red chillies, green chillies, cumin into the fried onions and tomatoes.
  • In another pan, fry prawns.PicMonkey Collage.jpg
  • Add fried onions, tomatoes, garlic paste, lemon juice, red chillies, salt into fried prawns and keep on dum for 2-3 minutes.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.,.jpg
  • Wohooo! Your dish is ready.
    prawn curry

    So this was the full recepie, hope you enjoyed. Goodluck with that untill next time *stay chic*

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The wedding dresses

Here they are, the clothes I wore on my sister’s wedding about four moths ago.

  • Mehndi outfit:

Screenshot (9).jpg

So I utilized this ‘lehnga’ which was basically a part of my mother’s bridal dress and made this top out of velvet fabric.


  • Reception dress: 

Screenshot (8)

So this is the front the maxi that I wore on the repection day. It is made from welvet and I tucked it with a pair of  golden heels.



  • Valima clothes:

Screenshot (12).jpg

For this function I chose a very light colour, and a unique dress/design, i must say.

Screenshot (14).jpgScreenshot (13).jpg

So this is full look of that dress. Personally, i didn’t like this makeup much mainly because of those smokey eyes.


Well, I kept my hair open with a kinda blow-dry and tiny front braid.

Hope to see you guys soon again with something new. Till then *stay chic*


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Hey folks! You all better know about whats happening around now-a-days.Today’s reality has already prooven that not even a single person out there is completely sincere for you. Everybody is mean, people are there for you till they need you in their lives and when their needs change automatically their priorities also change, ultimately after using you they  simply kick you out of their business. Except your parents nobody is concerned to you, nobody is honest to you every single soul is self-centered in today’s world. Parents surely know whats right and whats wrong for you, thus they better know how to handle your life chores.

Oh listen girls, by the age of 21 or 25 you will get married to the one whose written for you. So whats the point of searching for him from now while you are just 15 or maybe 17 years old. Remember, before taking any such step your heart skips a beat, it warns you before time; therefore listen to your heart & try your level best to avoid such stuff.


Dammit boys today are using innocent girls like tissue paper.  You also have some kinda self-respect and it is your duty to take pretty good care of it because yes, obviously you are supposed to do that! But unluckily this sense is not common in most of us especially teens these days. Do not search for shortcuts because what’s written for you is ultimately your’s nobody can snatch that from you. Nonetheless if that is not written for you than it can’t be yours no matter how much you struggle for it or run behind it. Hey dude, keep a pure heart.


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Oldie Goldie.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons. But gloomily childhood and babyhood is a short span season. I believe that a kid can ask such questions which a wise man cannot even answer. And oh yes I am pleased that i had a childhood before technology took over. Today, in the memory of that golden period; i’m sharing a few of my memorable photos.


I swear i wasen’t posing!


Loveliest of all.



Oh yes, no doubt i was a poser since my early childhood. One of my best qualities and favourite hobby was actually mimikery.

563949_427850630622262_691811806_nThis shot was clicked about 10 years ago..


Throwback to when i was 8 years old.

this one’s a bit blurry but it is love.

I truely miss those days because no worries, no responsibilities, no stress, no pains, no drama, moreover no exams. Only plain fun and innocence. None the less our parents totally deserve our honor and respect for giving us life itself. Beyond this they almost always made countless sacrifices as they cared for and nurtured us through our infancy and childhood. 
 Shoutout to all the parents out there, we love you! I must conclude by saying OLD IS GOLD.

Hoping to see you guys pretty soon again. Till then *stay chic*.






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Once upon a time there were two great sisters. They had sterling bonding with one and other. The elder one was so calm,tolerant and generous. Earlier she was surfing on the internet and went though a really good design for a formal dress but the younger one got that stitched for her own self. Her baby sister was esctatic to wear that wonderful piece but then what happend; she texted this to the big sister:

hey, no matter i like that dress very much but i’ve decided to give it to you.This is totally my own decision also when you like something and give it to somebody then thats a really good deed. Although you are not SOMEBODY you are my very own the loveliest of all favorite sissy. Take it now i wont wear it seriously. You wanted this dress but gave it to me with all your heart. Now my inner voice is not letting me to wear it.I love you. You’ll look damm beautiful in it. ❤

 she replied: Hahahahahahahaha
                         I like the article btw 😛

younger sister: Please. im serious.

reply: Love u baby ☺

Earlier she chose a wrist watch for her self but the younger one wanted to get that piece. Elder one thought to gift that to her baby sister on her birthday and kept this a secret. On the birthday, younger one got dam cheerful after getting the watch  as a birthday present. Then she sent this message:

hey, i so wanted to write you a thankyou note for the fascinating present. You loved that watch but because of my choice gifted it to me. I love you!


Holaa girls & boyses, that was indeed my own story. Because sissy is getting married pretty soon Inshallah thus i’m having some sort of mixed feelings.  I’m glad cause i’ll be all alone in the entire house and i’ll get more pleasing gifts xd. On the contrary im feeling blue and sorrowful on the grounds that my parthner in crime is going and i’ll be having nobody to do such nonsense discussions and activities with.


Be patient and have a soft corner for others. Life is uncertain, keep a forgiving heart.


Hope my lovely readers liked the blog,  see you guys soon! *stay chic*