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Hello my lovelies and boyzes, I’m back here after my exams. The other day, I was scrolling through my instagram feed which was literally flooded with the Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding snaps and snippets. I believe most of us have already witnessed the royal wedding through social media and some of us tuned into tv channels and watched the live ceremony but I want to share a few of my thoughts today.
This is Meghan at her own wedding.

Despite being a princess how simple is she looking. Yes? I mean no heavy makeup either jewelry. This is their royal wedding; simple, uncomplicated yet elegant. But what do we Pakistani’s do at our shadis? Parents start saving for their child’s big day from the day he/she is born. A whole lot of money is spent just on that One Occasion.

This practice is wholly against our Islamic values and regulations, I believe. Then why are we practicing hindu rituals? After that one day, bride’s wedding dress remains packed or hangged in the cupboard for years. Believe me or not, once the wedding ceremony/celebration ends, nobody cares about how fancy the decor was or how delicious the food was!

We want glamorous makeup and most beautiful dresses on our events just because it’s trendy. Right? We’re too much into formalities and all that. In my opinion, this has got to do with tv soaps where vulgar display of pomp and show is a norm.

We are mere puppets. We’ve become hollow from inside just stuffed with useless things and feelings like show off, greed, selfishness and so much more. We’ve become so slef centered, full with worries and hurries of life that even while walking by a stream or a beautiful street we do not admire on the little yet tempting things and beautiful nature around. Why?

Do you agree? Do you agree with my stance if yes than use my hashtag #thoughtsbyeman and share your views on your social media accounts, express what you think about this. Trust me I’d absolutely love to read them all. Don’t forget to tag me @emanwrites. And oh, I’ll publish your precious thoughts in my story!
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Really looking forward to see your response, until then *stay chic*
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Liebster Awad

I won the liebster award! #cheers

I won the ‘liebster award’

Starting this year on an awesome overwhelming note as @emanwrites just got the liebster award.  Its such a motivating little spark of delight and I genuinely feel so lucky about it. 😀

What is liebster award?

Liebster award is basically a token of appreciation, this is given to bloggers by bloggers! This shows that bloggers have each other’s support &  hard work always pays off. Liebster is a german word for sweetest, favorite. In short, this award is the ‘favorite blog award.’


Questions asked by Chetna Khetawat on the nomination to me:

  • What was the inspiration to start your blog?

I was passionate about writing and stuff since my early childhood. When I was a kid I used to write short poems and articles in young world. Later on I decided to start up my own blog. The blog is my inner voice;  what I feel, what i see, what i like…

  • How did you choose your Blog Name?

At first, I was confused about chosing a name for my blog. But then I short listed “emanwrites” & “emansays”. It was even hard to choose between the two. But yeah I went for emanwrites 🙂

  • How often do you work on your blog?

It totally and mostly depends on my mood. Sometimes I write 2 or 3 posts in a row, schedule them and work for hours. On the contrary there are times when I don’t even write for weeks. Although I have an exam tomorrow and I’m working on this piece, hope it goes well. lol

  • How do you aim to increase your followers?

By promoting my work more and more I believe.

  • Is it just a personal blog for passion or are you earning out of it (or planning to earn out of it?)

This is basically my personal space for passion where I try to put my feelings into words but I’ve worked with companies and brands who paid for writing so yes I also earned through some of the pieces of my work. #blessed

  • Are you a member in any Bloggers Forum/Groups?

Yasss, I’ve joined a few blogger forums on instagram and facebook as they let us connect, and interact with eachother, moreover promote our blog and work with other bloggers too.

  • If you had to give an advice to me, for the improvement of my blog (The Vagabond Dreamer!), what would that be?

Just keep going and keep rocking. I truely love your blog and passion of travelling and exploring new places. Stay chic!

  • Do you think there’s a huge demand for good bloggers in the industry? How difficult/easy is earning from a blog?

It is not just a piece of cake to earn from your blog very easily. It requires tons of hard work and sleepless nights but yes hard work always pays off!

  • How important is promotion of your work and how do you promote your blog?

Promoting your work is the key.  To be honest, I promoted my blog through social media marketing particularly by boosting up adds a couple of times only.

  • Do you interact with your readers and followers? How?

I try to reach out my followers by replying to every single comment and message/dm.

Got nominated by “the vagabond dreamer” and I hereby further nominate:


Here is more of a simple breakdown of what to do:


  • Thank the person who nominated you also post a link to their blogs on your social media.
  • Create a post on your blog and display the Liebster award logo.
  • Answer your nominator’s questions and create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award.
  • List these rules in your post.
  • Once you have published the post, inform your nominees, so that they can continue the chain and nominate other bloggers.

 Some questions for the nominees I have selected are:

  1. What has been the hardest part of your online content journey so far? What have you learned from it?
  2. If you could be a super hero, who would you be and why?
  3. Give a tip for other bloggers or potential blog starters.
  4. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
  5. Being a blogger/vlogger, any tip on how to get free products and gifts from different brands?
  6. If you win a lottery, what would be the first thing you’d buy?
  7. How and where do you promote your work/ blog?
  8. What brings you the most joy and happiness?
  9.  What tip will you give on how to collaborate with different brands and stuff?
  10. What advice will you give for the improvement of my blog “emanwrites” ?

Alright guys it’s your turn now, goodluck with that. See you next time, until then *stay chic* and #staytuned

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A point to ponder


Last night when it was late rather I wasen’t even sleepy, I was wondering that it’s pretty commonly accepted that the world is an unfair place.  The flickering of news channels and news papers can almost always be counted on to be a bearer of bad news of how much humanity is in chaos. Thus, I thought to express my feelings into words. The harsh reality is that we live in a spiteful, ruthless world where more often darkness can be found not only in the surroundings, but can be felt within ourselves.


Let’s talk about rain, consider it as a blessing and compare the leaves drinking rain water with the wealthy people of our society. What basically happens is that the fat cat and money lender people snatch and snippet all the belssings of Allah and utilize them to the most. And whatever which is in-appropriate or fruitless to them is spilled away  to the poor people as charity. Another noteable thing here is that they give away the things to vagrant or povery-stricken people as a charity but not as their basic right. Correspondingly the upper leaves of a plant or tree drink rain water to quench their thrirst first and raindrops which are useless for them are trickled to the leaves beneath. I suggest this as a perfect example of what’s happening around the globe today! The rich are getting moneyed by leaps and bounds and on the contrary poor are getting into more worse conditions day by day. Why is the world so evil and cruel?

There’s a saying out there: The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. 

But we should never be hopeless or tragic because there’s even more beyond that awaiting in the not-too-distant future. So never let the bitterness steal your sweetness!


Happy sunday guys, see you next time untill then *stay chic* #happyreading

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The Giveaway!


Hello girls and boyses, it is my pleasure to have such great readers on the blog. I’m not gonna take much of your time today; coming back to the point, So as i registered on wordpress a year ago and this is the very first blog anniversary. Therefore i’ve decided to do something special on the first birthday. Thus i’ve planned a grand give away cause you guys have been a wonderful audience!!

Following are the rules for participation:

  • Like our facebook page (Eman Writes).
  • Invite 4 friends to like the page too.
  • Tag 3 people in the comment box.
  • Share this post.


   NOTE: (The giveaway is only for the people currently living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: (deadline for participation is 29th September,2016.)

DISCLAIMER: ( after the contest ends, a lucky draw will be held and the winner will get a                                    message on facebook/instagram. The giveaway’s grand gift will be awarded to the lucky winner on 30th of September,2016.)



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rise to legacy.

Starting from the day one of three days mega event, early in the morning the desks were open for registrations. The registrations of participants stated at 9 ‘o’clock, unexpectedly heavy downpour which lashed the twin cities in undated thorough fares making vehicular traffic on the roads a bit difficult. After everybody got theirselves registered,we had a break and some time for prepration of global village. The delegations pranged their stall representing a particular country. then ramp walk was planned. But due to bad weather conditions the attendance was rather thin then expected but people started coming a bit late and soon the campus was bustling with happy faces full of energy. Amna from the security team and a guy from the host team whriled and hopped and pranced & rocked the floor for a short while to amuse the crowd.

Oh wait lemme tell you girls and boyses; NCMUN or National Capital Model United Nations; suchha massive debating event that took place from 25th till 27th of August at TMUC (roots millenium college & university/islamabad) was one of the biggest MUN’s in town!

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This whopping event put forth the following committees:-

  • UNSC (United Nation Security Council)
  • CTC ( Counter Terrirism Committee)
  • DISEC (Disarmament & International Security Committee)
  • PNA (Pakitsna National Assembly)
  • ICC (International Cricket Council)
  • GOT (Game Of Thrones)
  • Satan’s Cabinet
  • UNDP (United Nations Develo[ment Programme)
  • FIFA
  • NCC

Undeniably, PNA was one of the husky committees. They had some prodigious debates on “China Pakistan Ecnomic Corridor”. The candidates were representing distinct personalities. The dummy Sheikh Rasheed mentioned that they have been given the best topic to debate on and there’s no other topic better than this. One of the candidates  proposed that CPEC can secure our border with India and chair of that committee named Haris bashed him so hard saying that how could you claim this without having any source. After some heated debate on this, the candidate was unable to defend his stance. While on the contrary Raheel Sahrif had a variant aspect he thinks that we cannot talk about the completion of this project till terrorism is wholly eradicated from Pakistan.

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Satan’s Cabinet had a mammoth crisis session. Two of my favoutie chairs Hiba and Hashim created an immense situation for the crisis. They updated that Sadam Hussain is the head of ISIS and has stood up against both the families. both families have now joined the forces and all superheros are under the leadership of batman while their stance is certain. This committee had characters such as ironman, batman & halk merely. Ironman did dexterous arguments with other characters. And so this committee formed two blocs.

DISEC took disarmament to another level while UNSC is as always the most dynamic committee and ICC had heated debates. I attended one of the entertainment sessions of PNA,they made Talha; the chair of CTC to dance. Haris, the chair of PNA himself sang two of his compositions pretty well. lalalaal la la lalaaa.

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Paticipants from the counter terrorism committee (CTC) debated on the benifits of using (UAV’s) Unmanned Ariel Vehicals commonly known as drones in modern welfare. They can be used in a multitude of ways not only for dropping bombs and lethal weapons but are being used in agriculture, safe inspection of critical infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines, road and rail network, floods and other natural hazards like landslides, fast and environmtntally-friendly consumer delivery, assistance to first responders & ariel photography.

From entertainment sessions to rave night & formal dinner to ramp walk & global village to debating sessions and what not. alas, this mega event came to an aluring end.

see you guys soon, till then *stay chic*

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my big SISTAARRRR :p


being the eldest child, Of course you were the apple of your parent’s eyes too! umm i dont know much about your childhood and babyhood as i arrived much later after your birth. although,you were bright, protective (over-protective actually), helpful, responsible and very loving. .The arrival of Elliyah when you were just one year old was another big event in our family. our parents did everything to avoid sibling rivalry.Much later, when you were nine, i arrived, you loved being my elder sister too,  you  just took me under your wing, mothering me at every oppertunity.

mama always tells me that you used to change my dirty nappy at times, and you thaught me the alphabets and counting. and you are the one who always used to leave school and stay with me  whenever i got sick. moreover,when I’m struggling to find the name of my ‘favorite’ song or singer, it is you who says the name first!  You know me so well, You stood strong beside me whenever I felt weak or upset. but please dont get rude to me. at times you scold me so hard so please dont do that now onwards.You’ve been  a great elder sister though.

and Yes, and you are bossy. i mean really really bossy xd. (i can see your creepy smile right now) you always want me to abide by your orders and nothing else. you grew up as the strong eldest sister, making sure the pets too were aware of your authority. my pet, my baby Anna is scared of you.sometimes, you want me to clean up your mess; even though i am never in a mood to clean it up but i do cause i know that i’d surely need you for some piece of  work soon! 12722057_10207265708300058_2059476058_n.jpg

you are known for your sketches. you make them with enchanting detail. there is no doubt that i am lovin them too, i try to copy those sketches but seriously i cant. i donno why but i cannot make such beautiful sketches. carry on & good luck for the time ahead.

during your Fsc (grade12) we got shifted from quetta to islamabad. it was a big event too. but still you managed to get good grades. you got into Quaid-e-azam university and did your business adminstration. you switched a few of your jobs and you found that unbelievable too. getting into ptcl was not that easy but you did that. MAshallah.

I’ve watched you grow into a beautiful, intelligent, caring, loving and responsible young lady. I’ve felt pride and joy by just looking at your dear face.may you live long and may Allah keep you in good health. stay strong, stay happy, stay blessed.

I could go on and on. But you and my lovely readers would be collapsing by now. So, I’ll end now, hope your day is as amazing as i am :p  LOVEEEE YOUUUU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PARTY HARD ❤





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happy birthday to the man of my life.


Screenshot (35)

dear daddy, its your big day today and i want to tell you that how much i love you but unfortunately i’m at a loss for words on this are the one who held my hand and taught me to take those tiny used to bring a toy each sunday. i still remember when you used to make me sit on your tummy while you had to read the newspappers..later on,as i grew up you started bringing a story book each sunday. i seriously miss those bedtime story secssions now. thanks for always telling me to put on a sweater. thanks for always providing me with warmth in the chilling cold. you always helped me in my studies.daily you used to walk beside me while i used to ride my bicycle.whenever i feel down you are the one who looks after me with great care. everyday we used to play ludo and catch catch with the ping pong ball..uh i still remember those golden days of my life, yes i still remember those.. at times, i get angry on little things and stuff so, i tend to do several things that might hurt you from inside..but seriously my love for you is always say YES when mama says NO to me, no matter what the reason be. thanks for always supporting me and being on my side.but how in return did i behave? oh daddy, i’m sorry for all the pains and sorrows i caused to you.. i know i’m not a perfect daughter. i’m here at this stage just because of your and mama’s endless efforts..may Allah bless you with loads and loads of health, wealth & joy! Needless to say, i love you and im forever grateful to have you as a father. i swear, one day i’ll make you feel proud of who i am..i love you for every single thing you did for me.

I’m jus’ little
But I love you


PS: i just tried to make you feel special and make you realise of how much i love you. hope you like my effort.





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my life in 398 words!

Screenshot (25).jpg

about 16 years ago on november25, my parents were blessed with another babygirl and they named her Eman. so that’s actually how i came into being. i was born and raised in Quetta as my father was posted there those days. i still remember those golden days of my life when he used to bring a toy each sunday. i cannot forget those everyday bed-time story secssions. futher, i studied in Convent and then APS. later on, on october31,2009 due to some security threats we permanently moved to islamabad . and then life totally got changed. new place, new people. here i got admitted to American Lycetuff junior and upper school and then i switched to ICG since a year or two. 

i underwent several hardships and also on the other hand i lived many moments of joy in this world that seems like sugar but is extremely bitter called life.  i made many friends.. some of them left me and also i left a few of them at times,  i cried and i smiled. but to me,believeing in yourself is the most important thing.being the youngest one at home was the most amazing part because “chota piece” is always the “ladla” one at home.

i went on a few adventures since the past couple of years.i did paragliding twice and  experience of overcoming that fear was beyond awesome. since my early childhood, i had a keen interest in mimikery and obviously am pretty good at it. two times in my life i managed to performed on stage as an actor of a particular play at Pakistan National Council Of The Arts. once in my life i achived a silver medal for securing second position in a race. and about two months ago, i participated  in an english language contest. among 1500 students from Pakistan i was on the top 10, for this i was being blessed with an award Alhamdulilah. now, officailly being declared as a blogger is a great feeling too.

here, i must conclude saying that Allah Almighty has offered countless bounties upon all of us and we must be thankful for this. i believe that all of us should live each day as if we’re gonna die the very next day. so just enjoy each second. eat, sleep and be merry..there’s a lot more to say but this much of the material seems fine i guess! *stay chic*

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the story of my day!


well, where should i start from, i dont understand this xd.okay so; early in the morning when i woke up i felt like there’s somehting that my family is hiding from siblings were coming and going and coming to home after every now and then while whispering and murmering to eachother carrying things and dishes along,going up on the roof and then coming down again and again. unluckily i had my first exam on the birthday. so all of my folks decided to celebrate it earlier. therefore they were actually preparing for my pre-birthday blast and were busy enough. everybody ignored me.  and daddy told that your sisters are busy upstairs taking out cloths for winter season and you have fever so you are not supposed to go up. in the mean while, the bell rang daddy called me out saying that there’s a lady whose calling me. i went there to check out and found that it was one of my neighbour’s aunt screaming like ‘umm beta, cake humary fridge ma ha take it yourself whenever you want to’ i went like KIAAA? and she started making ugly faces and pretended like i donnno what. in the evening one of my sister threw  cloths on me and ordered me to wear them and she said that get ready we’re going out.

when i asked ke what is this  going on, what are you guys preparing for? she replied cousins are coming over to our place for dinner tonight. while i was waiting for them after getting ready the door knocked and few of my relatives entered. i greeted them and one of them wished me a happy birthday, i replied its not my birthday today than another one tapped on his shoulder saying that stupid it was a surprise. both went quitely and i kept on stareing them.

each of them ran upstairs leaving me all alone saying that i’m not allowed there. now obviously i had an idea about what’s actually going on. mama took me i opened the door everything was all set people were singing the birthday song & i have no words to explain that moment. i screamed AAWWWWWWWWWW so loud cause i had nothing else to say. everything was pink purple, in the middle there was a set for bon-fire..we had live bar-b-q and dinner and a  lot more… this so called surprise made me feel so special and loved. you guys made my day. special thanks to my sisyy and aba for making my day so beautiful just because of this pre-birthday bash and then the midnight surprise. ❤DSC_0276.JPG

#lovelypeople #lovelyday.


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the most horrible days of the year.


ah! these examinations are always hanging on my nerves. i believe that you can never ever get rid of exams during your student life. there are examinations and examinations and examinations all through. the monthlies and half-yearly exams,the december tests,annual exams and then comes your  horrible board or cambridge examinatons.student’s social life comes to an end, they are supposed to stay miles away from their phones,facebook and all that stuff, they can’t go for hangouts, they lose interest in every other thing,they can’t even relax and sleep basically, they are always torturing the students. and this true story of every Pakistani student xd.

most importantly, the students who prepare well and study hard get less marks than the ones who start studying just a week or maybe a night before the exam. this is actually because at times,their luck works better or they’re perfect at cramming while some approach the examiners or invigelators and get undue benefit as the examiners  also encourage unfair means. as a result deserving students simply suffer which is total, whats the fault of the students who become restless, who work over night and feel discomfort, who at least try their level best to prepare for the exam.please take steps against this issue to overcome this amazing system. i believe that an exam is taken only to determine the ability of student. no matter, knowledge and hard work is the key to success and education is almost everything but this system of examinations should surely get abolished cause no ways,when the results are declared the ones who took exams seriously and honestly suffer the most. although examination wont be abolished untill and unless there comes a new method to check the ability and intelligence of an individual.

there’s a famous saying:

don’t stress,

do your best,

forget the rest.

my condition while taking the exam is like my heart stays in the middle mediastinum within pericardium bounded anteriorly by sternopericardial ligament n posteriorly by oesophagus in descending aorta…didn’t get a word han? haha..frankly speaking,i’m not in a mood to study that much at the moment but i need to and obviously i am working hard. as my exams are on my head and shoulders, they’re starting in about a week or two.i get montonous, my mind gets saturated and i often get exam fever so wish me luck. never lose hope, stay positive, think good and study hard so that you can also party hard!