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Choco-coffee sweet dish


Hey boyses, Sorry for being so inactive on the blog. I’ve recieved a number of requests on instagram to share the recepie of chocolate-coffee delight which I usually tend to make. The recepie is way too simple and it tastes as amazing as anything. So let’s get started;

Things you’ll need:

  • cocoa powder
  • custard
  • 2 cream packs
  • fruit/pineapple cocktail
  • chocolate syrup
  • condense milk
  • candi biscuit 2 half rolls
  • sugar

How to make:

  • Firstly, make custard. I prefer chocolate flavoured custard for this.

    chocolate custard
  • Get two half roll packs of candi biscuit and break them in a seperate plate.'
  •  Now take a glass/cup/dish and make a layer of crushed biscuits in it.
  • Seperately, in a glass take some water and put a little bit of coffee and mix well. Then sprinkle this water onto the biscuits layerd in that cup/dish; So that the biscuits become soft.
  • Secondly, beat cream, 2 spoons of sugar and condense milk in a bowl and refrigerate for a little while.
  • Thirdly, make layer of custard in that cup over the biscuits.
  • Pour some cocktail onto the custard. So, this will be the third layer in cup.
  • On the top, make another layer using cream & condense milk mixture.
  • Lastly, do some dressing with chocolate syrup ( I use hershey’s chocolate syrup for dressing) One can also sprinkle some chocolate chips and cocoa powder on top to make it appear more appealing and yummy.
  • Refrigerate the cups/dish and then serve.
  • Taddaaaaa! Your danity sweetdish is ready!23227088_10155903356446458_131393265_n

    Do try out the recepie and let me know how it goes. Until next time *stay chic*

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Sweet treat

Hey folks, hope you all are doing great. My weekend was super relaxing, Sorry for being so inactive as I as super busy with some college stuff. Anyway, I made chocolate tart and they were luciously delightful so I thought to share the recepie with you all lovelies!

Things you will be needing:-

1 inch deep tart pan & saucepan


For the dough:

  • 250gm flour
  • casted sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • butter


For the filling:

  • cream 1/2 pack
  • milk 1/4th of a cup
  • casted sugar
  • butter
  • chopped chocolate


How to make:-

  • Take a bowl and mix flour, casted sugar and 2 beaten eggs.


  • Blend with hands untill a mixture is formed.
  • squeeze and roll it to form a dough, when a dough is formed wrap it up in a plastic sheet and keep in a refrigerator for about 15mins.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

  • Untill then heat the oven.
  • For the filling; take a saucepan, put cream, milk, butter, casted sugar, choppped cocolate & mix well. Heat it until a fluid-like chocolate forms.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

  • Take out the dough from refrigerator, press dough in a pan evenly from edges as well so it fits tightly. Using a fork make holes on either sides of the dough in order to prevent bubbles or cracks.


  • Bake this for about 30 mins until the tart turns golden in colour.
  • Now put the chocolate filling into tart and refrigerate.
  • When the tart completely cools down, cut it into pieces and serve.
delicious chocolate tart

This is super easy and tastes amazing like anything, believe me!

So try out the recepie and let me know.  Until next time *stay chic*

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Keep calm and cook on

Hello hello, hope you are doing great. I’m fabolous as always, enjoying vacations to the fullest. Last night, I made ‘prawns’, they were just amazing thus I thought to share the recepie with you guys too, So here you go; hook up & scroll down to read full recepie

Things you will be needing:-

  • prawns (500gm)
  • lemons (2)
  • onions (2)
  • tomatoes (4)
  • cumin
  • red chilli powder
  • red chillies crushed
  • garlic paste
  • coriander leaves (few)
  • salt
  • oil  (1 cup)

    all you need

How to cook:-

  • Finely cut onions and tomatoes also cut lemons into two halves.


  • Heat the oil and fry onions for 2 mintues.18685728_1511976388876342_1762565091_n.jpg
  • Pour some water and fry onions and tomatoes till the water dries.


  • Then add crushed red chillies, green chillies, cumin into the fried onions and tomatoes.
  • In another pan, fry prawns.PicMonkey Collage.jpg
  • Add fried onions, tomatoes, garlic paste, lemon juice, red chillies, salt into fried prawns and keep on dum for 2-3 minutes.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.,.jpg
  • Wohooo! Your dish is ready.
    prawn curry

    So this was the full recepie, hope you enjoyed. Goodluck with that untill next time *stay chic*

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a delight for you.

i was in a vacant mood, wasent even fasting the other day. was surfing on the the internet and suddenly got poped up with this idea. i thought to feed myself with some yummy yummy stuff, and so here is what i did!

things you will need:-

  • eggs (2)
  • cocoa powder (4 tsp)
  • water
  • sugar (10 tsp)
  • vanila essence (few drops)
  • butter (4 tsp)
  • marie biscuits (3 half rolls)

getting started:-

okay so first of all, turn the stove on and pour some water in a pan and put it over the heat till it becomes steam hot. on the contrary, crack two egs. with the help of a fork, beat the eggs in a bowl. put 10 tsp of sugar and 4 tsp of butter in the bowl. (you can even use blue band’s margarine butter)

beat butter and sugar in the eggs. and then add 4 tsp of cocoa powder into that mixture and mix well.


after mixing  well, you’ll get a paste sort of thingyy in that bowl. pour this paste in the sauce pan containing steam hot water and stir till it seems to appear like a custard. and yes use wooden spoon for stirring.

when the texture seems to appear like a custard, take it off from the heat. till this mixture/paste cools down, cut/break marie biscuits into pieces.

as soon as the mixture cools down, put these bits and pieces of biscuits and few drops of vanila essence in the mixture and mix a little bit.


now take a dish or a bowl and spread plactice sheet or plastic shopping bag over it. then pour this mixture into that bowl or dish or whatever.

now give it a shape of your own choice, that may be a roll or a circle and what not. put this bowl/dish along with the plastic sheet in freezer till it is completely freezed.

13479413_1114708868603098_1338064746_n (1)

take it out as it freezes, cut into different shapes and sizes and serve this chocolate delight to your loved ones!  oh your cold cake is right there, waiting for you out there. hurry up eat it up & feed yourself with some yummy food and keep smiling while you still have your teeth.

see you guys soon. *stay chic* xoxo