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Bloggers meetup at Aodour

Hey lovelies, hope everybody’s perfectly alright. Recently I attented a bloggers meetup at the launch of ‘Aodour Cosmetics’ at the Emporium mall, Lahore. Okay so let me first brief you a little about the brand.

Adour basically wishes to bring the best and most wanted cosmetic and makeup brands under one roof. It is the first walk-in make-up store in Pakistan with K- beauty products. Isn’t it amazing? Believe me or not, shopping for cosmetics in Pakistan has never been this simple before.


This is how amazing the store looked like!


I also just uploaded a vlog on the meetup; click on the following link:


A glimpse of their skin care products made from natural aloe vera and honey extracts.


One of the best parts was that they offered a free makeover by the gorgeous Ayesha at the launch!


Rush to their store right now as they have got some real products just for you!


Masks for only Rs.199 Isn’t this so economial? yeah?


Second best part was that they also offered free skin consultation by the most friendly Dr. Rehana.

Here’s the snippet which I created, click right down there to watch full:-

You can also order their products online and pay cash on delivery or by credit/debit card. Find them on:-




Find me on instagram:


Stay tuned for more interesting write-ups, until then *stay chic*


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Oldie Goldie.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons. But gloomily childhood and babyhood is a short span season. I believe that a kid can ask such questions which a wise man cannot even answer. And oh yes I am pleased that i had a childhood before technology took over. Today, in the memory of that golden period; i’m sharing a few of my memorable photos.


I swear i wasen’t posing!


Loveliest of all.



Oh yes, no doubt i was a poser since my early childhood. One of my best qualities and favourite hobby was actually mimikery.

563949_427850630622262_691811806_nThis shot was clicked about 10 years ago..


Throwback to when i was 8 years old.

this one’s a bit blurry but it is love.

I truely miss those days because no worries, no responsibilities, no stress, no pains, no drama, moreover no exams. Only plain fun and innocence. None the less our parents totally deserve our honor and respect for giving us life itself. Beyond this they almost always made countless sacrifices as they cared for and nurtured us through our infancy and childhood. 
 Shoutout to all the parents out there, we love you! I must conclude by saying OLD IS GOLD.

Hoping to see you guys pretty soon again. Till then *stay chic*.






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The Holiday!

At 12:30 p.m, two hours after we set out from Islamabad , we arrived at PTCL motel in Natia gali. It was very prettily designed. Our room was large and clean, it had four beds. However the lighting was poor that it rather looked gloomy during the day. The view was beautiful enough in the morning light. After arranging all the laugage in our rooms we headed towards the main bazar and had an excellent luch at taj hotel. We’ve had Asia’s best roast and the natives call it ‘Patakha chicken’.

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Next morning, everybody was excited to curise. I saw happy faces full of energy that day. We kept on sleeping till 9  while my father and uncle went to offer Eid namaz.  Then we all woke up one by one, got zipped, had breakfast and did pipelinewalk um basically a photowalk it was. In the evening we set out for a long drive in those curvy roads with tall trees on the either sides.  And reached Murree. It was damm cold that my nose turned as red as a tomato and hands were freezing like hell. We had chinese food for dinner at Lintotts. The clouds bursted and it drizzled so hard that it lashed the entire city and it was the moment of super chaos, we had no shelter at the time. And it was much difficult to drive all the way back. The visibility was zero percent but with the grace of the Divine we managed to get back to our hotel.

14th of September; our third and final day at Natia gali. We all woke up, got ready, had a photoshoot session & started off with our usual hiking and reached Lalazar. It was a place with beautiful meadows and snow leopards. On the way back we did horse riding. Went to Ayubia where me and one of my cousin also took chairlift. Plus we went to Khanaspur. Suchha fascinating place it was, It had appealing and charming views all around. And in the afternoon after lunch and stuff we headed back to our pavilian. Also, we used to have gossip sessions and laughter rounds till the late hours each day. It was though one of the best roadtrips.

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out of the box solution!

umm starting from the very first day, right at 9 o’clock when we were all settled in the class room and one of our committee chairs stepped in saying hello delegates along with a creepy smile. we banked our desks in his honour. i grabbed a seat in the very front row just opposite to the three of our chairs. our chair introduced what really a MUN is. okay im gonna explain this thing to you guys too cause many of you may not know. so basically MUN or model united nations is a three days event. we are assigned with different countries/personalities and are alloted into committees. then there is a topic given to us on which we are supposed to debate all three days. there are a number of formal,informal and entertainment secssions and we raise motions  and also we have three types of yeilds then we form blocs and make working papers, on the last day we sumbit a resolution paper which is basically a solution to that particular problem.

while i took part in APPS’16 (all pakistan parlimentarians sumbit) which was organized by Roots millinium university. i was nervious enough on the first day as it was my very first experience and i did not know anything at all. but it went pretty well. we had two topics and i voted for topic area A; which was the kashmir conflict to be discussed. and the chair suddenly asked why are u supporting this topic and not the other one? i stood up and uttered because this is the most HOT TOPIC of these days and so this conflict really needs to be solved now. (this is what actually  popped up in my mind at that moment) the chair got extremely infuriated on me saying what do you mean by hot topic, you are in a formal debates secssion and are you supposed to use slang?? i remained quite and apologised for that one. um this is really silly han? it exactly means that he did my baisti early in the morning on the very first day! xd. in the meanwhile other delegates introduced them selves and the chair got so impressed when i told that i am a blogger and i own a site, everybody clapped though.

so above and down there is the whole thing in detail now here is a short video that looks a bit haphazard, wobbly and blurry but to me it strings together beautiful memories of some good times that we cherish and enjoy later for years to come. give it a look please. (i was unable to post the video here just search me up on facebook to see the video) sorry for inconvience guys.  PS: you really dont afford to miss the video because thats the real thing so hurry up.facebook name: Eman Asif

we had a number of formal and informal sessions all the long then we had a rave night on the following day. i got back home late at night, did some research and slept. on the second day i was very much ready and though we had kinda cool debates then a crisis session came. now crisis secssion is actually a surprise sesion and it is one of my favorite sessions. the following night we were supposed to have a concert but unfortunately qandeel baloch died so no concert at all. got home earlier that day and prepared myself for the next morning. last day finally came and we were ecstatic. our committee presented two resolution papers and my bloc’s resolution was passed other one got rejected. wohoo! then we had a formal dinner and closing ceremony and also recived the certificates and awards.

so this was the whole story,that is what we actually did all three days. i find MUNs so informative. they even help build confidence, leadership and public speaking skills. after this i participated in another MUN or basically a diplomatic conference held in BMI last week. which is called BMIDC. oh yes hard work pays off. at the end my chairs appreciated me and they also mentioned that i went outstanding as a first timer! but to be honest guys, bmidc was way better then apps. oops! (i hope anybody from apps is not reading this) xd.

*stay chic* will see you guys soon. XOXO

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my big SISTAARRRR :p


being the eldest child, Of course you were the apple of your parent’s eyes too! umm i dont know much about your childhood and babyhood as i arrived much later after your birth. although,you were bright, protective (over-protective actually), helpful, responsible and very loving. .The arrival of Elliyah when you were just one year old was another big event in our family. our parents did everything to avoid sibling rivalry.Much later, when you were nine, i arrived, you loved being my elder sister too,  you  just took me under your wing, mothering me at every oppertunity.

mama always tells me that you used to change my dirty nappy at times, and you thaught me the alphabets and counting. and you are the one who always used to leave school and stay with me  whenever i got sick. moreover,when I’m struggling to find the name of my ‘favorite’ song or singer, it is you who says the name first!  You know me so well, You stood strong beside me whenever I felt weak or upset. but please dont get rude to me. at times you scold me so hard so please dont do that now onwards.You’ve been  a great elder sister though.

and Yes, and you are bossy. i mean really really bossy xd. (i can see your creepy smile right now) you always want me to abide by your orders and nothing else. you grew up as the strong eldest sister, making sure the pets too were aware of your authority. my pet, my baby Anna is scared of you.sometimes, you want me to clean up your mess; even though i am never in a mood to clean it up but i do cause i know that i’d surely need you for some piece of  work soon! 12722057_10207265708300058_2059476058_n.jpg

you are known for your sketches. you make them with enchanting detail. there is no doubt that i am lovin them too, i try to copy those sketches but seriously i cant. i donno why but i cannot make such beautiful sketches. carry on & good luck for the time ahead.

during your Fsc (grade12) we got shifted from quetta to islamabad. it was a big event too. but still you managed to get good grades. you got into Quaid-e-azam university and did your business adminstration. you switched a few of your jobs and you found that unbelievable too. getting into ptcl was not that easy but you did that. MAshallah.

I’ve watched you grow into a beautiful, intelligent, caring, loving and responsible young lady. I’ve felt pride and joy by just looking at your dear face.may you live long and may Allah keep you in good health. stay strong, stay happy, stay blessed.

I could go on and on. But you and my lovely readers would be collapsing by now. So, I’ll end now, hope your day is as amazing as i am :p  LOVEEEE YOUUUU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PARTY HARD ❤





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the story of my day!


well, where should i start from, i dont understand this xd.okay so; early in the morning when i woke up i felt like there’s somehting that my family is hiding from siblings were coming and going and coming to home after every now and then while whispering and murmering to eachother carrying things and dishes along,going up on the roof and then coming down again and again. unluckily i had my first exam on the birthday. so all of my folks decided to celebrate it earlier. therefore they were actually preparing for my pre-birthday blast and were busy enough. everybody ignored me.  and daddy told that your sisters are busy upstairs taking out cloths for winter season and you have fever so you are not supposed to go up. in the mean while, the bell rang daddy called me out saying that there’s a lady whose calling me. i went there to check out and found that it was one of my neighbour’s aunt screaming like ‘umm beta, cake humary fridge ma ha take it yourself whenever you want to’ i went like KIAAA? and she started making ugly faces and pretended like i donnno what. in the evening one of my sister threw  cloths on me and ordered me to wear them and she said that get ready we’re going out.

when i asked ke what is this  going on, what are you guys preparing for? she replied cousins are coming over to our place for dinner tonight. while i was waiting for them after getting ready the door knocked and few of my relatives entered. i greeted them and one of them wished me a happy birthday, i replied its not my birthday today than another one tapped on his shoulder saying that stupid it was a surprise. both went quitely and i kept on stareing them.

each of them ran upstairs leaving me all alone saying that i’m not allowed there. now obviously i had an idea about what’s actually going on. mama took me i opened the door everything was all set people were singing the birthday song & i have no words to explain that moment. i screamed AAWWWWWWWWWW so loud cause i had nothing else to say. everything was pink purple, in the middle there was a set for bon-fire..we had live bar-b-q and dinner and a  lot more… this so called surprise made me feel so special and loved. you guys made my day. special thanks to my sisyy and aba for making my day so beautiful just because of this pre-birthday bash and then the midnight surprise. ❤DSC_0276.JPG

#lovelypeople #lovelyday.


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meri maa, pyari maa; mama!


today,am writing all this stuff for mommy. i just tried to write something better  this time.

i cannot even imagine to bear up all that pain which actually a mother does..i still remember those golden days of my entire life; when i was a toddler and you helped me to take those tiny little steps. you taught me how to walk and eat and dress up and much more.. but how in return did i behave?? i’m sorry for all the sorrow i gave to you,am sorry for all the pains i caused to you, i’m sorry for every single thing i did wrong.i may make many mistakes but cannot hide the shame.
you always say that am crazy like a rooster & i walk like a penguin & i look like an alien when i dance! 
oh mommy, i can never express my feelings and love for you, i have no word for this. this is unconditional love, silent love for you indeed. you’ve been the voice for others, but in the struggle you’ve forgotten yourself, too busy to halt and look yourself. your words of guidance have always been true. you always supported me no matter what the matter be and provided me with warmth in chilling cold.  your arms were the first place where i felt so safe and protected. you always tried to fulfill my wishes and i promise that i’ll also try to reach your expectations.  all i want to do is that live those small seconds of joy and cherish the tiny moments of delight with you. seeing you happy is one of the greatest joy for me..
i may not be a perfect daughter but you are a perfect mama.
love you to the moon and back.