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A point to ponder


Last night when it was late rather I wasen’t even sleepy, I was wondering that it’s pretty commonly accepted that the world is an unfair place.  The flickering of news channels and news papers can almost always be counted on to be a bearer of bad news of how much humanity is in chaos. Thus, I thought to express my feelings into words. The harsh reality is that we live in a spiteful, ruthless world where more often darkness can be found not only in the surroundings, but can be felt within ourselves.


Let’s talk about rain, consider it as a blessing and compare the leaves drinking rain water with the wealthy people of our society. What basically happens is that the fat cat and money lender people snatch and snippet all the belssings of Allah and utilize them to the most. And whatever which is in-appropriate or fruitless to them is spilled away  to the poor people as charity. Another noteable thing here is that they give away the things to vagrant or povery-stricken people as a charity but not as their basic right. Correspondingly the upper leaves of a plant or tree drink rain water to quench their thrirst first and raindrops which are useless for them are trickled to the leaves beneath. I suggest this as a perfect example of what’s happening around the globe today! The rich are getting moneyed by leaps and bounds and on the contrary poor are getting into more worse conditions day by day. Why is the world so evil and cruel?

There’s a saying out there: The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. 

But we should never be hopeless or tragic because there’s even more beyond that awaiting in the not-too-distant future. So never let the bitterness steal your sweetness!


Happy sunday guys, see you next time untill then *stay chic* #happyreading

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Hey folks! You all better know about whats happening around now-a-days.Today’s reality has already prooven that not even a single person out there is completely sincere for you. Everybody is mean, people are there for you till they need you in their lives and when their needs change automatically their priorities also change, ultimately after using you they  simply kick you out of their business. Except your parents nobody is concerned to you, nobody is honest to you every single soul is self-centered in today’s world. Parents surely know whats right and whats wrong for you, thus they better know how to handle your life chores.

Oh listen girls, by the age of 21 or 25 you will get married to the one whose written for you. So whats the point of searching for him from now while you are just 15 or maybe 17 years old. Remember, before taking any such step your heart skips a beat, it warns you before time; therefore listen to your heart & try your level best to avoid such stuff.


Dammit boys today are using innocent girls like tissue paper.  You also have some kinda self-respect and it is your duty to take pretty good care of it because yes, obviously you are supposed to do that! But unluckily this sense is not common in most of us especially teens these days. Do not search for shortcuts because what’s written for you is ultimately your’s nobody can snatch that from you. Nonetheless if that is not written for you than it can’t be yours no matter how much you struggle for it or run behind it. Hey dude, keep a pure heart.


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the brighter side.

Here are a few points that i summed up whcih i learned form life as it unfolds. Thought to share it with you guys too  because this tiny list will surely aid you for real.


  • Be who you are:  This is probably the most significantthing that most of us now a days have forgotten! Why the hell are we busy to mold ourselves and our lifestyle the way people want us to be. Number one point that you have to keep in mind all the time is that no two souls are the same, you are unique don’t copy others be who you are.
  • Explore yourself:  Remember, every single object in this beautiful world has a purpose. And each of you have some ability which is a special one and is hidden. So explore yourself, work on your abilities. Look for your abilities which are built-in and polish them in the best possible way. Use them, you can even make money using your talent.
  • Love hard:  let it be your siblings, parents, friends or who so ever. Tell them that you love them, appreciate their presence and give respect to them. Love for the good reasons. Keep a good relationship with your religion.
  • Stay positive: There is too much of negativity around that it might affect your career or love life. and yes being positive is pretty easy but staying positive is the real game. Just learn to spread positive vibes.
  • Be kind: Do atleast one act of kindness each day. Trust me you’ll feel superb. Kindness is the language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear.  Be very very kind to every human fellow because what goes around comes around.
  • Forgive: Never ever keep grudges in heart. Dont waste your time to take revenge from stupid people just forgive them, try leaving the entire matter on the Divine and  He will deal with total just for sure.
  • Eat healthy: Yes, most importantly; take loads and loads of care of yourself. Your life is very precious. Take good care of yourself because no compromise on the health issues please.
  •  Keep a balance:  keep a balance between daily life affairs and stuff. Take out time to relax, spare some time for your family, spend some time with your friends as well.
  • Clean up around yourself: I am pretty sure some of you out there hate cleaning up but listen keep your stuff organized because at the end it is always worth it. And a clean home is a happier home, if your room is tidy, you’ll feel relaxed.screenshot-14


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-just a thought-


one fine night, while it was gusty & the birds were twittering and a few rays of  moonlinght  were gushing into the room’s window, there was a girl who was meditating about uncertinity of life. She believed that oh we being humans are so chaste that we don’t even get the knowledge if we will wake up the next morning or not. Undenibely, life is so unfaire. Poor are getting into more worst conditions while on the contrary rich and wealthy are getting moneyed by leaps and bounds.

It too happens that the one’s who are spending days and nights to get good grades, a bright future or to make a profitable career as per their parents dream. At the end when you get admitted to any university; you will assuredly observe that an average student will surely be sitting next to the one who used to get the highest marks in college/school. Nonetheless a good student  might get unemployed while an average student becomes a business man in future. why are we working hard, busy in struggling and not spending much time with our loved ones & not enjoying the colours of life. WHY?


We being so self-centered that we do not bother anyone or anything else except our own needs and comfort. Nobody is gonna take this medical degree either an engineering certificate or this wealth to the next destination. And only a good heart will matter, purity will matter, good deeds will matter, love for The Devine will matter. The thing is that we are tied up with the daily life affairs that we slightly emphasis on the world here after. We often neglect our religion and we even know that we are overlooking our religion but still we are busy here and not prepraing ourselves well for the world here after, for the life which will never end. WHY IS THAT SO?

eman asif.png

Oh you little man, yes you! wake up and enjoy the colours & phases of life and start adapting positive habits. Because what goes around comes around. You will get everything which is written for you. Allah knows better than you and He is the best planner among all.

P.S: (Dear readers,  hope you realised the point a bit which that little girl was trying to                     elaborate. till the next time xoxo *stay chic* )

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The Secret!

life is beautiful, it has fun, adventures and thrills. infact it has different phases and patterns.. each one is totally different actually. if you do not find fun in life then there is boredom, stress and regrets only. so basically life is colourful. it has countless bounties. its up to you that how you live. it depends on which way you choose. you yourself make your life exciting and beautiful. so here is a secret to lead a happy life that you all should surely know:

accept the reality: each of us know that life has many up’s and down’s. so just accept the reality, bad and good times come and go, this is a part of life indeed. just forget the bad and enjoy every second.

stay happy: no matter what, just try to be a happy person. smile is a beautiful curve that sets everything right, also it makes you look beautiful. remember you get what you give! always keep smiling.

move on: people come and go, nobody is there for you when you need them the most but life never stops when a person walks out of your life.there are certain people who live in your heart more then they stay in your life.. oh c’mon just kick out such people from your mind & move on. just look back to the beautiful times of your entire life and hope for the best.

celebrate: relish every second of life. do whatever makes you happy. people come and go but memories last forever, so just celebrate the happy moments to the fullest. tresure them. hold them tight. enjoy them.

be yourself: never change yourself for others. dont even try to be someone else. you are actually perfect in your own way. remember you are unique, so just be yourself. there comes a time in life when you feel you’re totally useless. so NO! everything in this universe has its own particular purpose and yes,dont forget you exale carbon dioxide for plants so you are not useless at all.

live each second: you know, you miss 60 seconds of happiness when you’re even angry for a mintue only. so just live life in a joyful manner. as the one who is living for sake of living is like the one without any emotions and feelings, he’s simply a dead soul, he’s taking breaths for the sake of living only. so just dont be that person.

 organization:  organizing yourself and your life is way too important. it has a profound effect on your living. all successful people organized their lives in such a different way.

time management: time management is the demand of  a happy life. managing your time is a great task though. but give equal time to your life affairs, friends, work, studies. and  yes, spare some time for your family as well.

stay loyal: stay honest to yourself only then you can turn out to be a loyal person for others. loyalty has become very rare in the present world actually. almost everyone is a fraud..

enjoy the nature: nature has basically offered you so soo many things that you cant even think of. stop spending time on social media and enjoy the natural beauty. believe me, its beautiful.the landscapes, mountains, welvetty texture of flowers, cool stream water and a lot more indeed. we are so busy; struggling in this life that we do not even notice certain things near us.

be thankful: you should always thank Allah Almighty for every single peny. He is beyond awesome. our creater, our forgiver, our listener and the one who blesses us, stay close to Allah as He is responsible for all the goodies in your life.

forgive others: we being humans are not perfect. we make mistakes infact we learn from our mistakes. so just forgive people. you should always have a soft corner for others. forgive people then Allah will surely forgive you too.

i hope you like this one. wish you all a good luck, stay tuned for more stuff coming soon *stay chic*


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life lessons.

 YOUR (2)

be positive*stay chic*

well, this world offers so many bounties Allah showers his countless blessings upon us but we being humans are unappreciative, faultfinding, unthankful and dissatisified no matter what the reason be and obviously same is the case at my end. although i feel so pleased & at times, i consider myself a lucky person! all i learned from this thing that looks like sugar but is fake in reality called life is that don’t get hopeless too soon because life has too long to go and dont agree to someone when they’re wrong, dont believe on somehting that you’ve not seen by cant always get that you want maybe because Allah has planed something better for you. just do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return this is the only way through which you can never get disapointed. or else change the things you can, if it don’t work then let it go. as Allah sees it all and he surely does the most powerful justice.

i feel like sometimes its better not to react upon certain things and just let them,i must tell you this secret that falling down is a part of life and getting back up is living but you can always take your points and proove them right  just sense that what’s wrong and  what’s right..the world is a total fraud, remember no one’s loyal to you.never let negative people even rent a small space in your head c’mon just kick them out. you must have a firm believe in Allah as He can turn the whole world upside down and trigger all the pains and unsettling feelings which are pinching you.try to  learn from the experience and grow into a wiser and stronger person. all you have to do is that rememebr Allah tests those whom he loves and don’t even plan to take any sort of revenge just leave all the matter on Allah and yes, it is prooven that if not now then soon karma does exist.  this is beautifully said; “life is a mirror when you smile in front of it, it will also smile and so will it when you cry to it.”

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the bitter reality.

Life is so Unpredictable,When you have Standards, People call it Attitude! When you are Simple, People try to Cheat you! And When you need someone, it is the best time for them to play with you…as you grow up, you will have your heart broken more than once and its harder each’ll cry because time is passing too fast.and then,there comes a period in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. you surround yourself with people who make you laugh. and one day you become so there’s no body loyal to you; not even a single person except your parents. almost everything’s  fake. the world if actually fraud…life has many ups and downs everything has a cure, every problem comes along with its solution so you need not to lose your hope at all. you never know whats going to happen next; every chapter of life is different. some are bitter and a few are just need to forget the bad, and focus on good. love the people who treat you right cause life is too short to be anything but happy. laugh too much because every sixty second you’re angry or upset is a minute of happiness that you’ve missed.

be happy,feel good,think positive and take too many pictures. because people come and go but memories last forever!

-stay chic-

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finding happiness-

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basically, i just want to live a simple life without any stress or worry. i don’t need a lot of stuff i just want to be happy. the most important fact for a happy life is to believe in yourself. according to my point; if you believe in yourself everything else will fall into place!  at times,i cry, i get angry, i shout, i fight, i ignore and i even create dramas sometimes but i talk, i love, i smile and i giggle. and we are the one’s who get sad, who regret, who apologize,who sacrifice, who forgive, who cry, who come back. so just get a lesson learned and move on. life is actually thrilling..

this is so ironic everybody has two faces (two different sides) . nobody is the same from inside each of them is an enemy by heart and pretends like he’s very much sincere to you. we live in a strange world where the poor walk miles to get food and rich walk miles to digest food! most of the time,the people who seem loyal to you are actually not loyal to you, they are actually loyal to the need of you. once their need changes, so does their loyalty.

as it was once said “they conquer,who believe,they can”…so, keep up your attitude as if you don’t see anybody. we might often make mistakes but we must have confidence within to pick ourself and start again. love yourself first and everything falls into line.never stress about yesterday cause its gone & enjoy today. be proud of who you are. Allah is always near, and you never know. make dua, stay positive and happiness will hug 🙂