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July favourites

Photo 30-08-2015 6 17 05 pm.jpg

Eid Mubarak buddies! I hope you all are doing great. As promised second blog from this series is right here. Today I’m sharing some bits and pieces of stuff that I loved during the month of july. The year is passing by really fast can’t believe its september already. Now Lets start with my July favourites;

  • The smoky grey kurta:
  • IMG_20170901_173425


I got this piece from khaadi & the most attractive thing about this kurta were the sleeves that caught my eyes at first. I actually love baggy and flow-y clothes. A pop of colour had to be added to this elegant shirt so I decided to pair it with pink pants.

  • Sunglasses:





I got these super chic, funky and trendy glasses from outfitters. And I tend to wear them almost everywhere. hehe

  • Fur slippers:



I got these swank and super comfortable red fur slippers from haroon’s. Despite being home/washroom slippers I love to wear them casually at most of the places currently.

So guys, thats all from my July favourites. See you next time untill then *stay chic*

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May favourites!


Hey folks! I’m back with something new this time. I’ve decided that I’ll publish a blog every month in which I’m gonna write bits and pieces about my favourites from that particular month. Today, lets talk about a few of my favourite stuff during the month of May;

This glittery pair of shoes! It looks super chic. I got them from outfitters a couple of months ago and I wear them everywhere I go plus it feels super comfy. Check out outfitters latest collection they’ve got some awesome stock.


Second favourite object form that month was this bracelet. Mama got me this. Amazing fact about it is that it’s made of gold along with a bunch of real pearls hanging on it.



So that’s it. See you again, Eid mubarak in advance. Untill next time *stay chic*

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The wedding dresses

Here they are, the clothes I wore on my sister’s wedding about four moths ago.

  • Mehndi outfit:

Screenshot (9).jpg

So I utilized this ‘lehnga’ which was basically a part of my mother’s bridal dress and made this top out of velvet fabric.


  • Reception dress: 

Screenshot (8)

So this is the front the maxi that I wore on the repection day. It is made from welvet and I tucked it with a pair of  golden heels.



  • Valima clothes:

Screenshot (12).jpg

For this function I chose a very light colour, and a unique dress/design, i must say.

Screenshot (14).jpgScreenshot (13).jpg

So this is full look of that dress. Personally, i didn’t like this makeup much mainly because of those smokey eyes.


Well, I kept my hair open with a kinda blow-dry and tiny front braid.

Hope to see you guys soon again with something new. Till then *stay chic*


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Oldie Goldie.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons. But gloomily childhood and babyhood is a short span season. I believe that a kid can ask such questions which a wise man cannot even answer. And oh yes I am pleased that i had a childhood before technology took over. Today, in the memory of that golden period; i’m sharing a few of my memorable photos.


I swear i wasen’t posing!


Loveliest of all.



Oh yes, no doubt i was a poser since my early childhood. One of my best qualities and favourite hobby was actually mimikery.

563949_427850630622262_691811806_nThis shot was clicked about 10 years ago..


Throwback to when i was 8 years old.

this one’s a bit blurry but it is love.

I truely miss those days because no worries, no responsibilities, no stress, no pains, no drama, moreover no exams. Only plain fun and innocence. None the less our parents totally deserve our honor and respect for giving us life itself. Beyond this they almost always made countless sacrifices as they cared for and nurtured us through our infancy and childhood. 
 Shoutout to all the parents out there, we love you! I must conclude by saying OLD IS GOLD.

Hoping to see you guys pretty soon again. Till then *stay chic*.






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Once upon a time there were two great sisters. They had sterling bonding with one and other. The elder one was so calm,tolerant and generous. Earlier she was surfing on the internet and went though a really good design for a formal dress but the younger one got that stitched for her own self. Her baby sister was esctatic to wear that wonderful piece but then what happend; she texted this to the big sister:

hey, no matter i like that dress very much but i’ve decided to give it to you.This is totally my own decision also when you like something and give it to somebody then thats a really good deed. Although you are not SOMEBODY you are my very own the loveliest of all favorite sissy. Take it now i wont wear it seriously. You wanted this dress but gave it to me with all your heart. Now my inner voice is not letting me to wear it.I love you. You’ll look damm beautiful in it. ❤

 she replied: Hahahahahahahaha
                         I like the article btw 😛

younger sister: Please. im serious.

reply: Love u baby ☺

Earlier she chose a wrist watch for her self but the younger one wanted to get that piece. Elder one thought to gift that to her baby sister on her birthday and kept this a secret. On the birthday, younger one got dam cheerful after getting the watch  as a birthday present. Then she sent this message:

hey, i so wanted to write you a thankyou note for the fascinating present. You loved that watch but because of my choice gifted it to me. I love you!


Holaa girls & boyses, that was indeed my own story. Because sissy is getting married pretty soon Inshallah thus i’m having some sort of mixed feelings.  I’m glad cause i’ll be all alone in the entire house and i’ll get more pleasing gifts xd. On the contrary im feeling blue and sorrowful on the grounds that my parthner in crime is going and i’ll be having nobody to do such nonsense discussions and activities with.


Be patient and have a soft corner for others. Life is uncertain, keep a forgiving heart.


Hope my lovely readers liked the blog,  see you guys soon! *stay chic*




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The Holiday!

At 12:30 p.m, two hours after we set out from Islamabad , we arrived at PTCL motel in Natia gali. It was very prettily designed. Our room was large and clean, it had four beds. However the lighting was poor that it rather looked gloomy during the day. The view was beautiful enough in the morning light. After arranging all the laugage in our rooms we headed towards the main bazar and had an excellent luch at taj hotel. We’ve had Asia’s best roast and the natives call it ‘Patakha chicken’.

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Next morning, everybody was excited to curise. I saw happy faces full of energy that day. We kept on sleeping till 9  while my father and uncle went to offer Eid namaz.  Then we all woke up one by one, got zipped, had breakfast and did pipelinewalk um basically a photowalk it was. In the evening we set out for a long drive in those curvy roads with tall trees on the either sides.  And reached Murree. It was damm cold that my nose turned as red as a tomato and hands were freezing like hell. We had chinese food for dinner at Lintotts. The clouds bursted and it drizzled so hard that it lashed the entire city and it was the moment of super chaos, we had no shelter at the time. And it was much difficult to drive all the way back. The visibility was zero percent but with the grace of the Divine we managed to get back to our hotel.

14th of September; our third and final day at Natia gali. We all woke up, got ready, had a photoshoot session & started off with our usual hiking and reached Lalazar. It was a place with beautiful meadows and snow leopards. On the way back we did horse riding. Went to Ayubia where me and one of my cousin also took chairlift. Plus we went to Khanaspur. Suchha fascinating place it was, It had appealing and charming views all around. And in the afternoon after lunch and stuff we headed back to our pavilian. Also, we used to have gossip sessions and laughter rounds till the late hours each day. It was though one of the best roadtrips.

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The Giveaway!


Hello girls and boyses, it is my pleasure to have such great readers on the blog. I’m not gonna take much of your time today; coming back to the point, So as i registered on wordpress a year ago and this is the very first blog anniversary. Therefore i’ve decided to do something special on the first birthday. Thus i’ve planned a grand give away cause you guys have been a wonderful audience!!

Following are the rules for participation:

  • Like our facebook page (Eman Writes).
  • Invite 4 friends to like the page too.
  • Tag 3 people in the comment box.
  • Share this post.


   NOTE: (The giveaway is only for the people currently living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: (deadline for participation is 29th September,2016.)

DISCLAIMER: ( after the contest ends, a lucky draw will be held and the winner will get a                                    message on facebook/instagram. The giveaway’s grand gift will be awarded to the lucky winner on 30th of September,2016.)



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-just a thought-


one fine night, while it was gusty & the birds were twittering and a few rays of  moonlinght  were gushing into the room’s window, there was a girl who was meditating about uncertinity of life. She believed that oh we being humans are so chaste that we don’t even get the knowledge if we will wake up the next morning or not. Undenibely, life is so unfaire. Poor are getting into more worst conditions while on the contrary rich and wealthy are getting moneyed by leaps and bounds.

It too happens that the one’s who are spending days and nights to get good grades, a bright future or to make a profitable career as per their parents dream. At the end when you get admitted to any university; you will assuredly observe that an average student will surely be sitting next to the one who used to get the highest marks in college/school. Nonetheless a good student  might get unemployed while an average student becomes a business man in future. why are we working hard, busy in struggling and not spending much time with our loved ones & not enjoying the colours of life. WHY?


We being so self-centered that we do not bother anyone or anything else except our own needs and comfort. Nobody is gonna take this medical degree either an engineering certificate or this wealth to the next destination. And only a good heart will matter, purity will matter, good deeds will matter, love for The Devine will matter. The thing is that we are tied up with the daily life affairs that we slightly emphasis on the world here after. We often neglect our religion and we even know that we are overlooking our religion but still we are busy here and not prepraing ourselves well for the world here after, for the life which will never end. WHY IS THAT SO?

eman asif.png

Oh you little man, yes you! wake up and enjoy the colours & phases of life and start adapting positive habits. Because what goes around comes around. You will get everything which is written for you. Allah knows better than you and He is the best planner among all.

P.S: (Dear readers,  hope you realised the point a bit which that little girl was trying to                     elaborate. till the next time xoxo *stay chic* )

Screenshot (14).jpg

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rise to legacy.

Starting from the day one of three days mega event, early in the morning the desks were open for registrations. The registrations of participants stated at 9 ‘o’clock, unexpectedly heavy downpour which lashed the twin cities in undated thorough fares making vehicular traffic on the roads a bit difficult. After everybody got theirselves registered,we had a break and some time for prepration of global village. The delegations pranged their stall representing a particular country. then ramp walk was planned. But due to bad weather conditions the attendance was rather thin then expected but people started coming a bit late and soon the campus was bustling with happy faces full of energy. Amna from the security team and a guy from the host team whriled and hopped and pranced & rocked the floor for a short while to amuse the crowd.

Oh wait lemme tell you girls and boyses; NCMUN or National Capital Model United Nations; suchha massive debating event that took place from 25th till 27th of August at TMUC (roots millenium college & university/islamabad) was one of the biggest MUN’s in town!

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This whopping event put forth the following committees:-

  • UNSC (United Nation Security Council)
  • CTC ( Counter Terrirism Committee)
  • DISEC (Disarmament & International Security Committee)
  • PNA (Pakitsna National Assembly)
  • ICC (International Cricket Council)
  • GOT (Game Of Thrones)
  • Satan’s Cabinet
  • UNDP (United Nations Develo[ment Programme)
  • FIFA
  • NCC

Undeniably, PNA was one of the husky committees. They had some prodigious debates on “China Pakistan Ecnomic Corridor”. The candidates were representing distinct personalities. The dummy Sheikh Rasheed mentioned that they have been given the best topic to debate on and there’s no other topic better than this. One of the candidates  proposed that CPEC can secure our border with India and chair of that committee named Haris bashed him so hard saying that how could you claim this without having any source. After some heated debate on this, the candidate was unable to defend his stance. While on the contrary Raheel Sahrif had a variant aspect he thinks that we cannot talk about the completion of this project till terrorism is wholly eradicated from Pakistan.

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Satan’s Cabinet had a mammoth crisis session. Two of my favoutie chairs Hiba and Hashim created an immense situation for the crisis. They updated that Sadam Hussain is the head of ISIS and has stood up against both the families. both families have now joined the forces and all superheros are under the leadership of batman while their stance is certain. This committee had characters such as ironman, batman & halk merely. Ironman did dexterous arguments with other characters. And so this committee formed two blocs.

DISEC took disarmament to another level while UNSC is as always the most dynamic committee and ICC had heated debates. I attended one of the entertainment sessions of PNA,they made Talha; the chair of CTC to dance. Haris, the chair of PNA himself sang two of his compositions pretty well. lalalaal la la lalaaa.

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Paticipants from the counter terrorism committee (CTC) debated on the benifits of using (UAV’s) Unmanned Ariel Vehicals commonly known as drones in modern welfare. They can be used in a multitude of ways not only for dropping bombs and lethal weapons but are being used in agriculture, safe inspection of critical infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines, road and rail network, floods and other natural hazards like landslides, fast and environmtntally-friendly consumer delivery, assistance to first responders & ariel photography.

From entertainment sessions to rave night & formal dinner to ramp walk & global village to debating sessions and what not. alas, this mega event came to an aluring end.

see you guys soon, till then *stay chic*

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out of the box solution!

umm starting from the very first day, right at 9 o’clock when we were all settled in the class room and one of our committee chairs stepped in saying hello delegates along with a creepy smile. we banked our desks in his honour. i grabbed a seat in the very front row just opposite to the three of our chairs. our chair introduced what really a MUN is. okay im gonna explain this thing to you guys too cause many of you may not know. so basically MUN or model united nations is a three days event. we are assigned with different countries/personalities and are alloted into committees. then there is a topic given to us on which we are supposed to debate all three days. there are a number of formal,informal and entertainment secssions and we raise motions  and also we have three types of yeilds then we form blocs and make working papers, on the last day we sumbit a resolution paper which is basically a solution to that particular problem.

while i took part in APPS’16 (all pakistan parlimentarians sumbit) which was organized by Roots millinium university. i was nervious enough on the first day as it was my very first experience and i did not know anything at all. but it went pretty well. we had two topics and i voted for topic area A; which was the kashmir conflict to be discussed. and the chair suddenly asked why are u supporting this topic and not the other one? i stood up and uttered because this is the most HOT TOPIC of these days and so this conflict really needs to be solved now. (this is what actually  popped up in my mind at that moment) the chair got extremely infuriated on me saying what do you mean by hot topic, you are in a formal debates secssion and are you supposed to use slang?? i remained quite and apologised for that one. um this is really silly han? it exactly means that he did my baisti early in the morning on the very first day! xd. in the meanwhile other delegates introduced them selves and the chair got so impressed when i told that i am a blogger and i own a site, everybody clapped though.

so above and down there is the whole thing in detail now here is a short video that looks a bit haphazard, wobbly and blurry but to me it strings together beautiful memories of some good times that we cherish and enjoy later for years to come. give it a look please. (i was unable to post the video here just search me up on facebook to see the video) sorry for inconvience guys.  PS: you really dont afford to miss the video because thats the real thing so hurry up.facebook name: Eman Asif

we had a number of formal and informal sessions all the long then we had a rave night on the following day. i got back home late at night, did some research and slept. on the second day i was very much ready and though we had kinda cool debates then a crisis session came. now crisis secssion is actually a surprise sesion and it is one of my favorite sessions. the following night we were supposed to have a concert but unfortunately qandeel baloch died so no concert at all. got home earlier that day and prepared myself for the next morning. last day finally came and we were ecstatic. our committee presented two resolution papers and my bloc’s resolution was passed other one got rejected. wohoo! then we had a formal dinner and closing ceremony and also recived the certificates and awards.

so this was the whole story,that is what we actually did all three days. i find MUNs so informative. they even help build confidence, leadership and public speaking skills. after this i participated in another MUN or basically a diplomatic conference held in BMI last week. which is called BMIDC. oh yes hard work pays off. at the end my chairs appreciated me and they also mentioned that i went outstanding as a first timer! but to be honest guys, bmidc was way better then apps. oops! (i hope anybody from apps is not reading this) xd.

*stay chic* will see you guys soon. XOXO