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My favourite products of 2017


I kickstarted this year on an awesome note as @emanwrites won the ‘liebster award’. Today, I thought to share a few of my favourite products of 2017! If you also want to know then scroll down;

5 favourite products of mine:

  • Skin salt:dav

This is an awesome budget friendly exfoliating bath salt which finds a home on my bathroom counter. I bought it from miniso store. It has also played a major role in my skin care routine, I scrub this on my face for like 4 mins before taking shower. Believe me or not, this leaves my skin so soft and smooth like anything.

  • Super star shoes:


I have been crushing on them since forever. And I got these as a present on my birthday! I wear them literally everywhere I go as they match with almost every outfit and enhance the overall look.

  • Timepiece:


Thats my all time fav piece which I wear everywhere like everyywhere I go; to my college, work, shopping, dine-outs and where not. Got this astonishing ticker wristwatch from misiso as well.

  • Hair spray


It is a ‘lifesaver’. I was shocked of how smooth my hair felt when I used this one for the first time. It leaves the hair shiny. I find it multipurpose as it’s also good as a blow-dry spray but I use this one before ironing my hair as it protects hair damage from heat.

  • Trendy shades:


This is one of my favourites too. Super trendy, chic, polarized and lightweight sun glasses which I keep in hand. IMG_20180107_154145.jpg

And I think we are finally done with five of my favourite products of 2017. Do share yours too as feedback is always appreciated moreover, I’d love to know about your favourites!  See you next time with another blog post until then *stay chic*

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July favourites

Photo 30-08-2015 6 17 05 pm.jpg

Eid Mubarak buddies! I hope you all are doing great. As promised second blog from this series is right here. Today I’m sharing some bits and pieces of stuff that I loved during the month of july. The year is passing by really fast can’t believe its september already. Now Lets start with my July favourites;

  • The smoky grey kurta:
  • IMG_20170901_173425


I got this piece from khaadi & the most attractive thing about this kurta were the sleeves that caught my eyes at first. I actually love baggy and flow-y clothes. A pop of colour had to be added to this elegant shirt so I decided to pair it with pink pants.

  • Sunglasses:





I got these super chic, funky and trendy glasses from outfitters. And I tend to wear them almost everywhere. hehe

  • Fur slippers:



I got these swank and super comfortable red fur slippers from haroon’s. Despite being home/washroom slippers I love to wear them casually at most of the places currently.

So guys, thats all from my July favourites. See you next time untill then *stay chic*

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May favourites!


Hey folks! I’m back with something new this time. I’ve decided that I’ll publish a blog every month in which I’m gonna write bits and pieces about my favourites from that particular month. Today, lets talk about a few of my favourite stuff during the month of May;

This glittery pair of shoes! It looks super chic. I got them from outfitters a couple of months ago and I wear them everywhere I go plus it feels super comfy. Check out outfitters latest collection they’ve got some awesome stock.


Second favourite object form that month was this bracelet. Mama got me this. Amazing fact about it is that it’s made of gold along with a bunch of real pearls hanging on it.



So that’s it. See you again, Eid mubarak in advance. Untill next time *stay chic*