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today, 26th october-


today; a memorable day in the history, when pakistan suffered from a massive earthquake! everyone was terrified. people got scared, they screamed. everyone rushed out in the streets. the news reporter said a major earthquake has hit Afghanistan, northern Pakistan and parts of India, with reports that more than 180 died. it was actually 8.1 on the rector scale but 7.5 in islamabad, but the magnitude is not yet confirmed.

my mood was pretty good and i  had a good day. i entered home about a few minutes before and locked myself inside the washroom in order to change the school soon as i took my shirt off, i felt that there was something going wrong as  my head went round and round and round and the floor was shaking, i heard mama screaming ’emaaaaan, come out, get out  hurry up c’mon’. i became so blank. my mind got saturated. i ran outta washroom and headed towards the garage while reciting some of the holy verses. there was no network service, i got worried and my heartbeat as getting faster and faster.we kept on standing their for so long and the duration of the earthquake was long enough that more than two minutes of sustained tremors were felt! this was my very first experience of such a massive earthquake.

a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck pakistan just over a decade ago, on October 8, 2005, 75000 childern and people were killed. and after this today’s earthquake was the most massive one.this was felt all over pakistan,kabul and afghanistan. I hope everyone is safe and sound.I guess the earthquake was a reminder for us about how nothing is in our control and that the True Power belongs only to Allah. Dear Allah, tonight and each night from tonight please forgive our sins,open the doors of mercy and keep us safe. ameen sumameen! 🙂

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Hello world!

heyyy guys,

its been so long since I didn’t write anything. i’ve started writing articles after so many years now. and I was encouraged by my  sister for doing this so 😀 the first blog on this site if for my mother and am planning to write about happiness and life lessons and stuff like that later on..

but I hope you’ll find this interesting and am trying my best to bring out something better and different! Any sort of criticism will be taken in a positive manner and will try to overcome all it’s flaws.

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